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15 Best Online Colleges for Psychology in 2017

Psychology is a science that applies to many aspects of business, education, criminal justice, and clinical practice. As the study of the human mind and human behavior, psychology is utilized in areas such as human resources, student achievement, progress evaluations, the study of criminal behavior, and the treatment of mental illnesses. With such overreaching applications, individuals who obtain a degree in psychology can choose from many career paths.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports projected growth in the field of psychology, and estimates that psychologists make, on average, $72,540. Other positions that require knowledge of psychology include human resource managers, criminologists, school psychologists, and other related careers, all of which boast decent pay and decent job outlooks. In order to break into these fields, however, post-secondary education is highly recommended, with graduate school being a necessity for many such positions.

Advanced graduate degrees in psychology are essential for individuals that hope to forge careers as psychologists, consultants, or business leaders, but a bachelor’s degree is not worthless. On the contrary, an undergraduate education in psychology provides students with a broad foundation in human development, cognitive functions, and abnormal psychology. By learning from a curriculum based in these content areas, individuals that have obtained their bachelor’s degree can go on to become mental health technicians, human resource administrators, teachers, and other positions that require an understanding of the human mind.

For those individuals that hope to establish a clinical practice, assume leadership over employees, or work as school psychologists, graduate school is necessary. Both master’s and doctorate degrees delve even deeper into the human mind, how it thinks and functions, as well as the effective methods for treating or training the mind. Graduate studies in psychology entail thorough research and, for those seeking to become psychologists, clinical practice and internship requirements. This combination of theory and practice prepares students to become effective experts in the human mind.

When choosing a psychology degree program, it is important to ensure that the college or university is accredited. Some schools offer specializations within the field of psychology, such as abnormal or cognitive psychology, and it is therefore vital for potential students to consider their interests within the field. For graduate programs, researching faculty is an essential step in the application process. As master’s and doctorate degree programs in psychology require students to work closely with professors in order to fulfill research and clinical requirements, it is necessary for students to choose universities that employ faculty members with interests that coincide with theirs. That way, students can have the assurance that their academic needs will be met.

Whether you choose an undergraduate or graduate degree, an education in psychology will provide many opportunities for establishing a long-term and profitable career.


When we decided to rank the best colleges online, we strove to use a method and formula that would produce the most objective and fair results possible. All of our data is quantified and taken from authoritative and reliable sources, such as the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator tool, the U.S. Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, and the official websites of the schools included in these rankings.

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Rank School Name Average Rating
1 Arizona State University 9.78
2 Fisher College 12.71
3 Liberty University 13.43
4 Post University 14.59
5 Saint Leo University 14.86
6 National University 15.59
7 Southern New Hampshire University 16.25
8 Regent University 16.87
9 Ohio Christian University 17.04
10 Columbia College  17.25
12 Tiffin University 18.36
13 Walden University 18.61
14 Grand Canyon University 20.51