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5 Best Online Colleges for Logistics in 2017

Logistics is a necessary field of business, as it is the study and practice of the management of the flow of resources. From beginning to end, logistics controls and analyzes a product or service, and it’s integral to the business process. Those seeking a bachelor’s degree in logistics can expect to study the science of business processes, supply and demand, as well as both performance and cost logistics, and the trade-offs between the two. The ideal logistics student should have organizational skills and an interest in workflow, operations procedures, and efficiency.

Obtaining a degree in logistics can prepare you for a career as a logistician. Many logisticians work in the U.S., which has an intricately developed network of services and products for business operations. Logisticians work in all levels of production, from point of origin to distribution. Logistics is a necessary field for virtually all industries — without proper logistical functions, there would be no customer service. Students pursuing a logistics degree should have interest or talent in marketing, negotiation, and proper supply chain distribution. Careers in logistics can range from merchandising, manufacturing, and government logistics to service institutions, transportation, and business logistical consulting.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupational outlook for logisticians is growing faster than the national occupational average. As business continues to dominate market sectors, most industries will have an increased need for logisticians of all sorts. Specialization at the upper levels is common, with many students pursuing a degree in logistics concentrating on international business, supply chain management, or even marketing. Quantitative skills such as math and business statistics are key, as are written and oral communication skills and technological literacy.

When seeking a degree in logistics, ensure that you choose a nationally or regionally accredited school. One reputable licensure agency, for example, is The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or the AACSB. Most logistics programs will fall under the umbrella of business schools within a college. When selecting where to pursue your bachelor’s degree in logistics, select an accredited university that speaks to your needs, be they cost, flexibility, or networking options for your future career. Both online and traditional brick-and-mortar colleges will offer a myriad of options — be sure to select the one that’s best for you.

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Rank School Name Average Rating
1 American Public University 12.30
2 Ohio Christian University 15.91
3 National American University 19.56
4 Harrison College 19.94
5 Bellevue University 23.06