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13 Best Online Colleges for Healthcare Administration in 2017

A career in healthcare administration involves management of a health care facility, such as a hospital, physician’s office, nursing home, or outpatient care center, or a specific department in a large facility. An administrator’s main goal is to provide high-quality care in the most efficient way possible. This involves knowing about patient care, business operations, problem solving, communication, and effective leadership. The first step toward this career is to enroll in one of the best online colleges for healthcare administration and earn a degree. This will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to perform the wide range of responsibilities placed on healthcare administrators.

Healthcare administrators must be knowledgeable of the healthcare industry as it relates to providing medical care, as well as how health care facilities operate as businesses. Therefore, healthcare administrators must be well educated, which starts by earning a degree from one of the best online colleges for healthcare administration. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the minimum educational requirement for an entry-level position in healthcare administration is typically a bachelor’s degree, though many facilities require a master’s degree. In addition to earning a degree, nursing care facility administrators must obtain state licensure, and some states require assisted-living facility administrators to be licensed as well.

The best online colleges for healthcare administration are going to be accredited by a recognized accrediting organization. The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation provide lists of recognized accrediting agencies, as well as lists of accredited institutions. Before you enroll in an online healthcare administration degree program, make sure the institution is accredited because accreditation ensures that an institution is providing a high-quality education. Many employers look for candidates who have earned a degree in healthcare administration from an accredited institution because they want to hire people with the knowledge and skills needed to manage a health care facility or department.

In addition to accreditation, you may want to consider the credentials and professional experience of the faculty at school you plan to attend. Many of the best online colleges for healthcare administration will hire instructors with graduate-level degrees and professional experience in the healthcare industry. Most schools will provide faculty profiles and biographies which will allow you to see their level of education and professional experience. Having an instructor with healthcare experience can be very beneficial to you because they can use their experience to give you real-world knowledge and better prepare you for a career in healthcare administration. They will be able to teach you what you need to know to be a healthcare administrator, as well as how to apply this knowledge in the field.

A healthcare administrator is responsible for both the medical end and the business end of their healthcare facility or department. On the medical end, their duties may include ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws, codes, and regulations, ensuring the safety of all patients, staff, and visitors, managing a capable staff ranging from maintenance workers to surgeons, nurses to medical billing clerks, and everything in between, and delegating responsibility to department managers if necessary. On the business end, their duties may include overseeing the budget, billing, and payroll, organizing medical and facility records, maintaining the inventory of medical and building supplies, and attending board meetings. The knowledge and skills needed to fulfill these duties can only come through a degree from the best online colleges for healthcare administration.

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Rank School Name Average Rating
1 Brandman University 6.70
2 Golden Gate University 7.03
3 Southern New Hampshire University 11.60
4 Liberty University 12.53
5 Stevens-Henager College 12.88
6 Florida National College 13.15
7 Ottawa University 13.74
8 Tiffin University 14.42
9 Keiser University 15.79
10 Fisher College 17.01
11 National University 17.41
12 Saint Leo University 17.67
13 Ohio Christian University 19.68