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10 Best Online Colleges for Elementary Education in 2017

Seeking a bachelor’s degree in elementary education will prepare you to teach students ages 12 and younger. The ideal elementary education student has excellent verbal communication, organizational skills, and a true desire to work with and enrich the lives and development of young people. Elementary ed majors often obtain their bachelor’s degree, as well as passing a licensure examination for a teaching certificate. These exams vary by state, and passing one will qualify you to teach academic, motor, and life skills in public or private schools.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for kindergarten and elementary school teachers will grow “about as fast as average.” Qualified and committed teachers are always in demand. Those seeking a bachelor’s degree in elementary education will learn classroom instructional techniques and early elementary pedagogy. Lesson planning, curriculum development, and technology in the classroom will also be skills learned in an elementary education program.

When selecting a college with a major in elementary education, be sure to choose a nationally or regionally accredited program. Other selection criteria may include: teaching philosophy, job placement programs, price, flexibility, and passage rate of the state teacher certification exam. Be sure to select a program that reflects your needs and values — there are many reputable options for those seeking an elementary education degree, both online and off. Employment availability will vary by region.

Most elementary educators possess a bachelor’s degree and a state teaching certification, but some elect to pursue a master’s or terminal degree in the field. Convenience, reputation, price, and fit may be the most important factors in deciding on an educational level, university, and elementary education program to pursue. Above all else, the desire to learn and to work with young children will make for quality educational and career beginnings. For those already in the workforce, many online colleges and some traditional brick-and-mortar universities offer flexible programs in elementary education. Embark on this meaningful career path by choosing the right school in which to seek your elementary education bachelor’s degree.

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Rank School Name Average Rating
1 Liberty University 11.23
2 Southern New Hampshire University 13.40
3 American Public University 15.40
4 National University 19.22
5 Walden University 20.82
6 University of Phoenix-Online 21.93
7 Western Governors University 22.30
8 Keiser University 22.65
9 City University of Seattle 27.08
10 Capella University 28.32