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15 Best Online Colleges for Business Administration in 2017

A bachelor’s in business administration, or BBA, is a popular major for those interested in business. This course of study will include a broad range of topics, from business operations to statistics. Students pursuing this degree should be competent in basic math and critical-thinking skills, as well as technologically literate. Core requirements for a bachelor’s in business administration often incorporate operations management, human resources, the business cycle, economics, business law, and others. Upper-level courses leading to a bachelor’s degree in business administration often require specialization in one or more of several general business fields, including but not limited to: accounting, public relations, management, information systems, international business, real estate, and information technology. Obtaining your BBA can prepare and qualify you for several types of business careers.

While earning your degree, you will learn the necessary concepts and professional skills needed to participate in the business world. Upon completing their BBA, some students elect also to complete a master’s of business administration, or MBA. An MBA is not always necessary to obtain employment, but BBA students should consider career and other goals when structuring their education. Choosing where, when, and how to obtain your bachelor’s in business administration requires targeted research and analysis. Both traditional brick-and-mortar business schools and online universities offer a host of reputable programs of study.

When pursuing your BBA, be certain to choose an accredited school. One such licensure agency for accreditation is The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or the AACSB. Limit your choices only to accredited schools, as accredited degrees earned are more educationally viable and professionally functional. Most accredited business schools will offer a course of study leading to a bachelor’s of business administration, and many will also offer a joint BBA and MBA degree. There are a varied range of workable programs, and finding the right school is paramount.

After earning your degree, you will be prepared for your entry into or continuation of your career in business administration. Your specialization will dictate what types of jobs are most available to you. Generally, entry level jobs will be in operations and management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management occupations in most industries are in demand. Some BBA graduates find work as business consultants, also called management analysts. These occupations are reportedly growing faster than the national average. A bachelor’s in business administration coupled with an MBA will prepare students for top executive work, though competition at the highest levels is often fierce.

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Rank School Name Average Rating
1 Brandman University 7.44
2 Peirce College 10.99
3 Golden Gate University 11.09
4 National University 11.50
5 Southern New Hampshire University 11.52
6 Ottawa University 12.63
7 Liberty University 13.08
8 American Public University 14.24
9 Saint Leo University 16.00
10 Everglades University 16.25
11 Post University 16.48
12 Northcentral University 17.08
13 Stevens-Henager College 17.86
14 Tiffin University 17.90
15 Salem International University 18.11