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What Kinds Of Degrees Are Available Online?

As online college has become more popular over the past decade, the offerings for degree programs have become increasingly diverse. These days, students can find just about any major or degree level out there through an online college. All it takes is a little research to find the best school for your particular career goals. Here are some of the degree levels and majors you can expect to see offered from most online colleges.

Degree Levels

Whether you’re just starting out with higher education or are pursuing a PhD, there’s bound to be a program out there that meets your needs.

  • Certification: For many professional fields, additional certification can not only lead to raises and promotions but may be required to keep licensure up-to-date. Certification programs are offered in education, medicine, counseling, business and more from a wide range of online schools.
  • Associate Degree: Associate degree programs are great training for many professions. Online schools offer these two year degrees in just about everything you could want to pursue.
  • Bachelor’s Degree : Usually taking about 4 years to complete, these are some of the most popular degrees obtained through online education. Most online schools will offer the widest range of programs at this degree level.
  • Master’s Degree : While graduate work used to be a rarity in online education, now programs are easy to find, helping students obtain an MBA, MS, M.Ed, or MA in a variety of specializations.
  • Doctoral Degree : Not all online schools are equipped to offer doctoral degrees through their online programs, but a growing number of Ph.D programs are turning up in online schools. Offerings are varied, covering topics like business, IT, education, theology and health. Students can obtain a Ph.D, Ed.D, DBA, and many others, depending on their education discipline.


Not sure if an online program would offer the major you’re looking for? Here are just a few of the programs students can take through online education.

  • Humanities: In the liberal arts, students can expect to find online degree programs in English, history, theology, philosophy, anthropology, communication, sociology, linguistics and classics.
  • Fine Arts: You don’t have to attend campus to get a degree in fine arts. Online degree programs are available for graphic design, media production, web design, game art, animation, photography and interactive media design.
  • Business and Finance: Online business degrees are some of the fastest growing and most popular. Expect to see programs in finance, economics, accounting, communications, business, management, marketing, advertising, human resources, international business, e-business, public relations and hospitality.
  • Technology: What makes more sense than learning about technology through technology? Online technology degree programs include majors in IT, programming, computer science, computer engineering, systems management, network security, web development, information systems and telecommunications.
  • Science: Those who want to pursue a career in science will find programs in fields like biology, chemistry, physics, ecological studies, environmental science, and geography.
  • Health and Medicine: Start your career in health care and medical science off through an online degree program in counseling, nutrition science, counseling, nursing, psychology, public health, gerontology, health care administration and health informatics.
  • Education and Teaching: Take advantage of the online degree programs offered in special education, educational leadership, educational technology, child development, elementary education and secondary education.
  • Law and Criminal Justice: Whether you want to be a lawyer or a crime scene investigator, consider one of these degree programs offered online: forensics, social work, criminology, legal studies, paralegal, law enforcement and homeland security.

Some online colleges will specialize in certain types of degrees, while other larger schools will offer a wider range of courses. Those listed here are just a small portion of the great degree programs that are out there for students today. Using a larger portal site such as this one, or US News and World Report, can be a great way to search through multiple school’s offerings to see what will be the best fit for you.