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Top 100 Librarian Tweeters

Whether you work with a library, or just want to find out more about what’s going on in your community library, Twitter is a great place to stay updated on the latest developments. On Twitter, you’ll find librarians in schools, public libraries, and more, and even some working for organizations that have a lot to offer libraries. Read on, and you’ll find some of the best librarians on Twitter.

School & University

Find out how librarians are making things work in schools from these librarians.

  1. @heyjudeonline: Judy O’Connell is the Head of Library and Information Services at St. Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill.
  2. @joycevalenza: Read @joycevalenza’s tweets to hear from a teacher-librarian and learner in Pennsylvania.
  3. @griffey: Jason Griffey is a geek librarian at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
  4. @kenleyneufield: This community college librarian is obsessed with the social web.
  5. @askundergrad: This twitter account supports the undergraduate library at UIUC.
  6. @BSULibrary: Stay up to date on the Albertsons Library at Boise State University through @BSULibrary.
  7. @Library_Channel: @Library_Channel offers help and more to patrons of the Arizona State University libraries.
  8. @amylibrarian: Amy Springer is an academic librarian fascinated by the Millennial student.
  9. @heatherloy: @heatherloy is a high school librarian in South Carolina.
  10. @acmorton: Andy Morton is the tech librarian at University of Richmond.
  11. @OkStateLibrary: @OkStateLibrary features news from the Oklahoma State University Libraries.
  12. @neerav: Neerav Bhatt is a librarian, former political candidate, and professional blogger.
  13. @dmcordell: @dmcordell is a teacher/librarian in upstate New York.
  14. @ekettell: This librarian serves Dentistry at the University of Rochester.
  15. @ghardin: Greg Hardin is an academic librarian in Denton, Texas.
  16. @chriskeene: Read @chriskeene to learn what’s going on at the University of Sussex Library.
  17. @jessnevins: Jess Nevins is an encyclopedia author as well as reference librarian at the University of California at Riverside.
  18. @MrMLibrarian: @MrMLibrarian works to get boys to read as a school librarian.
  19. @monarchlibrary: This K5 teacher librarian is addicted to technology.
  20. @jennyluca: Check out @jennyluca to find a cool teacher-librarian.
  21. @uncw_library: You’ll be able to keep up with the Randall Library at University of North Carolina, Wilmington on @uncw_library.
  22. @laurenpressley: Lauren Pressley is the instructional design librarian at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University.
  23. @bookjewel: @bookjewel is an educator, teacher-librarian, lifelong learner, literature lover, and geek.
  24. @mstephens7: Michael Stephens is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University.
  25. @cathyjo: Check out Cathy Nelson to learn about a school library.
  26. @srharris19: Steven R. Harris is the head of collection development at the University of New Mexico Libraries, and a dog lover.
  27. @librarianmer: Meredith Farkas works as the Distance Learning Librarian at Norwich University.
  28. @janettefuller: Janette Fuller worked as an elementary school librarian for 30 years.
  29. @yalescilib: Check out @yalescilib for updates from the Yale science libraries.

Local & Public Libraries

Check out librarians in community libraries to see how they run things.

  1. @RyanDeschamps: Ryan Deschamps is the e-Learning Services Manager at the Halifax Public Libraries.
  2. @Librarian: @Librarian is the Twitterer behind the Itenerany Poetry Librarian, a non-static, special collections public library.
  3. @jdarlinghess: Originally from NY, @jdarlinghess is a librarian in Columbus.
  4. @RapidCityPubLib: @RapidCityPubLib shares updates and events from the Rapid City Public Library in South Dakota.
  5. @GlendaleLibrary: Stay up to date on the Glendale Public Library system in Glendale, Arizona through @GlendaleLibrary.
  6. @SueLawson: Get updates on Manchester libraries from @SueLawson.
  7. @jessamyn: Jessamyn West is a librarian consultant in rural Vermont.
  8. @webmaster_ref: @webmaster_ref is a librarian and webmaster for Elkhart Public Library.
  9. @harriscountypl: Keep updated on the Harris County Public Libraries in Houston through @harriscountypl.
  10. @AbingtonLibrary: You can learn more about the Abington Free Library from this Twitter timeline.
  11. @cglibrary: @cglibrary will keep you up to date on all the happenings at Casa Grande Library.
  12. @ASCPL_Events: Check out @ASCPL_Events to learn about the events going on at Akron-Summit County Public Library.
  13. @tashrow: Tasha is the director of the public library in Menasha, Wisconsin.
  14. @aclalibraries: @aclalibraries covers the federated system of libraries in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
  15. @Cleveland_PL: Cleveland is the third largest public research library in the US, and is on Twitter.
  16. @2nickels: Laura Koenig works as a children’s librarian in Boston.
  17. @ALD_Teens: Get updated on teen news throughout the Arapahoe Library District from @ALD_Teens.
  18. @laurasolomon: Laura Solomon works as a web developer and librarian in Ohio’s libraries all over the state.
  19. @adalib: The Ada Library in Boise shares dreams, ideas, and information.
  20. @camdencclibrary: The Camden library is updated by Olivia Nellums, reference and instruction librarian.
  21. @gonty: This Australian youth services librarian is the brains behind
  22. @mmrl: The Missouri River Regional Library serves the Cole and Osage counties in Missouri.
  23. @AustinPublicLib: You’ll be able to keep up with all things APL through @AustinPublicLib.
  24. @jrriordan: Jim Riordan is the reference librarian at the Bangor Public Librarian in Bangor, Maine.
  25. @Jantweepuntnl: Jam is a librarian and manager at City Library of Haarlem Netherlands.
  26. @RoCoPubLib: Check out the Roanoke County Public Library system through @RoCoPubLib.
  27. @BoerneLibrary: You can learn about the Boerne Public Library from @BoerneLibrary.
  28. @skeskali: Cecily is the web services librarian at Vancouver Public Library.
  29. @elizabethhdavis: Elizabeth works as a librarian in a children’s library.
  30. @wlgordon: @wlgordon is a professional librarian in Chicago.
  31. @ScrantonLibrary: You’ll find out about library industry news, events, and goings on at Scranton libraries through @ScrantonLibrary.
  32. @younglibrarian: Katie is a young public librarian.

Other Libraries

These librarians work in law, medical, and other libraries.

  1. @infobunny: @infobunny is a law librarian who blogs about Twitter apps.
  2. @retennant: Roy Tennant is a librarian, river guide, and father.
  3. @lwu5: @lwu5 is a health sciences librarian in Memphis.
  4. @sarchet62: Read @sarchet62’s tweets to learn about a medical anthropologist in a librarian suit.
  5. @Philbradley: Phil is a freelance librarian, Internet consultant, writer, and trainer.
  6. @ultimatelibrarn: Amy Donahue is an aspiring medical librarian.
  7. @LPI_Library: Check out @LPI_Library to get updates from the Lunar and Planetary Institute Library in Houston.
  8. @Jill_HW: @Jill_HW is interested in digital libraries, social networking, Web 2.0, and more.
  9. @conniecrosby: @conniecrosby works as a guerilla law librarian.
  10. @vjb: VJ Beauchamp is a web librarian in Northeast Portland, Oregon.
  11. @PhilippaJane: Philippa is a librarian that likes to write and podcast.
  12. @MegCanada: This librarienne loves technology.
  13. @gspadoni: Gina Spadoni is a librarian and competitive intelligence professional, among other things.
  14. @wickedlibrarian: This librarian’s dream job is to be Neil Gaiman.
  15. @olevia: Cheri Campbell is a librarian, union activist, and social progressive.
  16. @pfanderson: Read PF Anderson’s updates to learn about emerging library technologies and more.
  17. @shamsha: This medical librarian is interested in evidence based medicine, librarianship, and social media.
  18. @kgs: KG Schneider is a Community Librarian for Equinox, the support and development company for Evergreen open source library software.
  19. @dlnieman: Check out Dan Nieman to learn about reference librarianship and more.
  20. @glambert: Greg Lambert is a law librarian and geek.
  21. @nprlibrary: You’ll learn about the latest from the NPR library through @nprlibrary.
  22. @stevematthews: Steve Matthews is a fun loving law librarian.


Check out these organizations and resources that offer lots of support to libraries and librarians.

  1. @librarycongress: Check out the Library of Congress through this Twitter timeline.
  2. @msauers: Michael Sauers is the technology innovation librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission.
  3. @UtahHive: Learn about the Utah State Library Digital Library Services Team from @UtahHive.
  4. @kishizuka: @kishizuka is the technology editor for School Library Journal.
  5. @alscblog: The Association for Library Service to Children twitters here.
  6. @lbraun2000: Linda Brawn is the YALSA-president elect, librarian, and more.
  7. @eagledawg: Nicole Dettmar works as a medical librarian for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.
  8. @LesaHolstine: Lisa Holstine is a Library Manager and contributing book reviewer for Library Journal, Mystery News, and other websites.
  9. @yalsa: @yalsa provides followers with updates from the Young Adult Library Services Association.
  10. @libraryjournal: Through @libraryjournal, you’ll find news, book reviews, and more.
  11. LJBookReview: Read book reviews and other news from Library Journal here.
  12. @MLx: Marianne Lenox is a Gadabout Library Trainer.
  13. @libraryman: Michael is the Libraryman, with nearly 20 years of experience in various library roles.
  14. @AccessMyLibrary: @AccessMyLibrary advocates for increasing disoverability of library content online.
  15. @andreamercado: Andrea is a former librarian making a shift.
  16. @infogdss29: Beth Gallaway is a consultant for gaming, technology and youth services training.
  17. @sljournal: @sljournal will fill you in on children’s and young adult books from School Library Journal.