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50 Firefox 3 Add-ons That Will Transform Your Academic Research

Out of the box, Firefox 3 is already an incredible web browser. But when you consider all of the power tools that can be added to enhance your research, it’s even better. Check out these add-ons for Firefox 3, and you’ll take your browser to the next level and transform your academic research.

Sharing & Discovery

Get social with your favorite websites and use these add-ons to share and discover new places on the web.

  1. StumbleUpon: This add-on learns what you like and will help you find web sites based on your interests.
  2. ShareThis: Share any type of online content with your friends, family, and colleagues with ShareThis.
  3. Me.dium: Share your favorite sites and communicate with your friends using this add-on.
  4. Shareaholic: Use this add-on to make sharing URLs easy and streamlined.


Make Firefox’s incredibly useful tabs even better with these add-ons.

  1. Morning Coffee: Organize your websites to open up in tabs as part of your daily routine.
  2. Tab Mix Plus: Tab Mix Plus supercharges Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities.
  3. ColorfulTabs: Color each of your tabs in a different shade and color so that they’re easy to distinguish.
  4. FaviconizeTab: This add-on allows you to cut the size of your tabs down to favicons.
  5. Firefox Showcase: Manage and view your Firefox tabs as thumbails in a single window, tab, or sidebar.
  6. Taboo: If you leave too many tabs open between sessions, use Taboo to save them for later.
  7. IE Tab: Open up pages in Internet Explorer-compatible tabs with this add-on.

Reference & Connection

These add-ons can make simple text turn into usable reference points.

  1. Who Is This Person?: With this add-on, you can highlight a name on any web page and find information on that person on a variety of different sites.
  2. BlueOrganizer: BlueOrganizer will make web page content more interactive, allowing you to look up maps, save books to your wish list, and more.
  3. Hyperwords: Use Hyperwords to select text on any page, and get quick access to reference, search, and more.


Supercharge your bookmarks with these tools for Firefox 3.

  1. This official add-on will allow you to save your bookmarks on the web.
  2. Jeteye: Save and share your best web searches using Jeteye’s super-powered bookmarks.
  3. Clipmarks: Capture exactly what you want from a page and save it with Clipmarks.
  4. Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer: Keep the same bookmarks on multiple computers using Foxmarks.


Get some help with your files from these add-ons.

  1. Open IT Online: Open your documents and images in Firefox with this add-on.
  2. Video DownloadHelper: Easily download and convert web videos with Video DownloadHelper.
  3. PDF Download: Before opening a PDF file in Firefox, PDF Download will let you know about it and give you the option to download, open, or convert it to HTML.
  4. DownThemAll!: This download manager and accelerator makes it easy to download files in Firefox.


Make your online browsing experience safer and more private by taking advantage of these add-ons.

  1. NoScript: Pick and choose the sites that you want to allow JavaScript and other executable content to run on.
  2. Nuke Anything: Hide almost anything using this add-on in the context menu.
  3. FoxyProxy: Stay safe and anonymous by using this add-on that automatically switches your internet connection over proxy servers.
  4. Stealther: Surf the web without leaving a trace on your computer whenever you use Stealther.
  5. Adblock Plus: Prevent ads from taking over your browser with Adblock Plus.
  6. BugMeNot: Pass over compulsory web registration using this handy add-on.
  7. Flashblock: This extension will allow you to disable Flash content until you want to view it.


Stay on top of the latest and greatest with these handy tools.

  1. Feed Sidebar: View items from your Live Bookmarks in the sidebar of your browser with Feed Sidebar.
  2. Sage-Too: With this RSS and Atom feed aggregator, you can stay on top of news and updates.

Ease of Use

These add ons are great for making your browsing experience just a little bit easier.

  1. Greasemonkey: Greasemonkey is an incredibly useful tool for customizing the way a webpage displays in Firefox.
  2. All-in-One Sidebar: This sidebar control will give you access to loads of controls at once.
  3. Linkification: Linkification turns plain text into clickable links.
  4. ReloadEvery: Set your browser to constantly reload web pages at intervals that you define.
  5. ErrorZilla: ErrorZilla turns 404 pages into a useful page with links to the Wayback Machine, Whois, Google Cache, and more.
  6. URL Fixer: This add-on will automatically fix your typos in the address bar.
  7. Undo Closed Tabs Button: Quickly reopen closed tabs using this simple extension.
  8. iMacros: Automate Firefox by recording and replaying repititious work in iMacros.
  9. FireGestures: Create customizable mouse gestures that will help you browse faster in FireGestures.


Find your way around better with the features these add-ons offer.

  1. Tab Scope: Preview and navigate tab contents with the previews Tab Scope offers.
  2. Interclue: Find out what’s behind a link before you open it with Interclue.
  3. Fast Dial: Get fast access to your favorite sites with these thumbnails.
  4. PicLens: Turn Firefox into a visual browser with this extension that makes it easy to find and view online photos and videos.
  5. Thumbstrips: See a filmstrip of thumbnails that represent your history and more using ThumbStrips.
  6. GooglePreview: Get a quick peek at what your Google search results have to offer with this add-on’s previews.


Turn into a power shopper by taking advantage of these add-ons.

  1. Firefox Companion for eBay: Stay on top of your eBay auctions using this add-on.
  2. Grocery List Generator: Put together recipe ingredients and other necessities using the Grocery List Generator.
  3. Yapta: Use the Yapta add-on to find and track fares on airline websites.
  4. Plurbio: Get to the bottom line of the reviews on any Amazon item with Plurbio’s instant summaries.