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30 Inspiring Pinterest Pins for Teachers

Over the past year, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media sites out there, letting people create boards composed of various “pins” from the web, that organize ideas on just about any topic under the sun. Teachers have gotten in on the act as well, sharing lesson plans, classroom photos, cute ideas, and inspirational materials with others in the profession and anyone on the web who wants to learn more about education.

Whether you’re a teacher yourself, still a college student, or just want some educational inspiration for a kid in your life, check out these great Pinterest pins. You’ll find some motivational quotes, great craft ideas, and new ways to make your lessons fun and exciting!

  1. Classroom promises

    These classroom promises are inspirational to you and your students alike, whether they’re in grade school or high school. Print off this great image and hang it in your own class!

  2. Amazing organization

    This classroom library and student organization system will make you green with envy! It’s colorful, cute, and best of all, so neat and easy to use.

  3. Colorful classroom

    You’ll want to give your classroom a color-filled makeover after seeing this amazingly saturated class. Even better, most of the color comes from simple paper and cutouts.

  4. Homemade geodes

    Most classrooms can’t afford geodes for each student to break open (though how cool would that be?), so use this fun craft project to create fake ones with which kids can still learn their geology.

  5. Play-based learning

    Need some ideas for play-based learning? Here you’ll find dozens of ideas for making learning fun for you and your students.

  1. Before you speak

    You and your students can benefit from this great pin, which you can print and hang in your room. It simply reminds us that sometimes what we want to say isn’t always the best thing to actually say.

  2. Classroom jobs

    Need to dole out classroom jobs? This cute and functional system makes it easy; it would be simple to copy for your own classroom.

  3. For dyslexic students

    Have dyslexic students who are struggling with B’s and D’s? This simple and easy-to-remember trick could be a big help to them!

  4. A reminder to be kind

    Teaching can be frustrating and stressful, but this quote will help to remind you that no matter what you’re teaching, you should always be kind.

  5. Cute way to teach time

    This flip-up clock project is a great learning tool for kids who are just beginning to understand how to tell time. If they can’t remember the minutes, they can simply lift up the flap for a reminder.

  1. Fractions on felt

    Fractions can be hard for kids to learn, but these felt versions make it so much simpler for kids to understand how they work. They’re also durable and easy to make.

  2. Thinking of Teaching

    Here you’ll find a pin of a blog that’s filled with amazing teaching ideas that are sure to get you inspired for next semester.

  3. Cool way to learn numbers

    Have students who are still learning to write their numbers? Kindergartners and pre-schoolers will find these sketchable bags (each filled with glitter paint) super fun to use.

  4. Pirate reading lessons

    Focus on those “ar” words with this inspiring pirate-filled lesson. Kids will get hooked on learning by following the adventures of Pirate Mark.

  5. Handmade Hungry Caterpillars

    Little ones love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so why not capitalize on that love with a little craft project? Using this pin, you can transform a few craft supplies into a seriously adorable caterpillar.

  1. Keeping supplies organized

    Is your classroom filled with craft supplies and other things students need? This pin offers some inspiration on how to keep everything neatly organized.

  2. Paper bag puppets

    Any kind of literature gets a whole lot more fun when puppets are involved! Use this project to get kids building their own bag puppets for fun or for a lesson.

  3. Really cool Montessori lessons

    Even if you’re not teaching at a Montessori school, you won’t believe how cool (and colorful) these learning tools are.

  4. Blackboard planner

    While this pin has the calendar being used at home, it could just as easily be brought into the classroom to remind students what assignments and special classes are coming up.

  5. Tactile math

    Here you’ll find a pin that makes doing math pretty fun. Students can contribute different problems to each solution’s box of fries.

  1. Organizing student work

    This teacher shares a great way to keep student work organized and easy to find. Even better, it’s super cute!

  2. Guess Who for your class

    Students won’t want to play anything else when they have this game in the class. It replaces the faces found on the store-bought game with those of students or faculty.

  3. Noodle skeletons

    For kids learning about anatomy, this pasta-based project can be a fun addition to the classroom. Of course, it also makes a great Halloween decoration.

  4. Learning about bees

    Learning about honeybees gets a lot more fun when you use inspiration from this pin to get kids making their own honeycombs.

  5. Green your classroom

    To celebrate Earth Day, have your students grow these fun plant pals. They can then style their “hair” however they want.

  1. Learning through Twister

    A whole new twist on Twister is found on this pin. Instead of having kids use colors, add index cards to Twister to get them learning while playing.

  2. Reusing paint chips for learning

    Seriously one of the coolest uses for old paint chips we’ve ever seen, this pin showcases how to study reading and rhyming using this simple tool.

  3. Fun science experiments

    What makes science more fun than experiments? Nothing! Try out this fun one the next time you’re teaching kids about chemistry.

  4. Make your own Play-Doh

    The real deal can get expensive, but with this recipe kids won’t even miss it. Plus, you can make it whatever color you want — perfect for classroom projects!

  5. Inference folders

    These folders contain clues on the outside to what something is as well as a small section of a picture. Students have to use inference to figure it out and can check their answer by opening the folder.