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20 Best Blogs in Instructional Technology

Technology, when applied creatively and effectively, punches up lessons for students of all ages and abilities. In the hands of a savvy enough teacher, gadgets and digital services alike can increase their engagement and better encourage learning and retention. Obviously, the Internet serves as an excellent hub for educators worldwide to meet up and exchange ideas, insights and opinions regarding strategies, emerging technologies and every other relevant topic out there. Instructional technology blogs are exceptionally common, with far, far more than these 20 contributing something valuable to the discussion. Use them as starting points before branching out and discovering what other professionals have to offer.

  1. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch: One to three times a month, Kathy Schrock posts an insightful, detailed rumination on educational technology. She also provides information about conferences, contests and tests, with plenty of instructive screenshots and suggestions.
  2. Teachers Teaching Teachers: Meta! This webcast and blog, courtesy of WorldBridges, targets educators hoping to infuse the latest technologies into their classroom. Plenty of videos, vblogs, gcasts, webcasts and other multimedia illustrate all the latest trends and techniques.
  3. 2¢ Worth: David Warlick dissects education on the whole, but instructional technology certainly plays an integral role in his postings. Yes, even when he ruminates on how it may not necessarily offer up as many solutions as fellow bloggers and teachers claim.
  4. NCS-Tech: Students in all age brackets benefit from the innovative, creative ways teachers use technology. NCS-Tech showcases how Kevin Jarrett at Northfield Community School applies new and emerging gadgets and services for kindergartners through eighth graders.
  5. Free Technology for Teachers: As the title promises, this essential resource hooks educators up with lesson plans, multimedia, tips, tricks and anything else they could possibly need to incorporate technology into the classroom. With an archive containing thousands of amazing posts, teachers have plenty available to pique their interest and cater to their skill level.
  6. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day: The eponymous blogger focuses mainly on ESL, ELL and EFL websites — perfect for educators in the field looking to connect. It’s a simple concept, but one certainly valuable to Internet-savvy teachers; even those locked into different subjects might still pick up some cool tidbits along the way.
  7. Kirsten Winkler: She wants to “disrupt and shape education 2.0” through instructional technology, and devotes her webspace to pushing this goal. Whether commenting on gadgets and websites or posting useful, comprehensive how-to guides, most of what Kirsten Winkler has to say is worth pondering.
  8. Dangerously Irrelevant: Blogger and professor Scott McLeod heads up the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education, which should tell potential visitors pretty much everything they need to know. Dangerously Irrelevant covers a nicely broad range of relevant subjects, mostly emphasizing news, views and issues.
  9. Teach42: Bookmark this resource for some excellent, straightforward advice about technology integration, in addition to musings on its future relationship with education. Although individuals working outside the classroom setting might still find some of Teach42’s information fascinating as well.
  10. always learning: Find out how one teacher uses technology in her international school through the intelligent, innovative and insightful always learning. Provided examples of student work do a great job of illustrating these techniques in action.
  11. Tom March: A classroom doesn’t need iPads or individual laptops to be wired — an Internet connection alone opens up a staggering array of educational possibilities. Readers might want to turn here for inspiration about wielding the web for students of all ages and abilities.
  12. CogDogBlog: Even when Alan Levine doesn’t post about education technology, he still has something fascinating to say about some seriously cool gadgets and services. His home on the web is an essential read when wanting to learn more about incorporating the latest and greatest digital devices into lessons.
  13. Leading From The Classroom: One of many Education Week blogs, Leading From The Classroom emphasizes “instructional-technology integration and special education at the middle school level.” Host Patrick Ledesma works as a School Based Technology Specialist in Virginia, placing him at the forefront of the movement.
  14. eSchool News: No matter the grade or skill level, eSchool News delivers the most interesting and potentially useful stories to tech-savvy (or even not-so-tech-savvy) teachers. Check it daily and keep up with the most current news, opinions, trends and potential problems.
  15. The Innovative Educator: Ardent gadgeteers and other tech enthusiasts might find some excellent inspiration at The Innovative Educator, presented by Lisa Nielsen. She hopes to approach the subject creatively rather than rehashing the same old strategies ad nauseum, and such measures have earned her a fair amount of attention and accolades.
  16. The Tech Savvy Educator: This blog overflows with pretty much everything educators could possibly want in an instructional technology resource. Make sure to check out the examples of student work for a first-hand look at how well (or not-so-well) they respond to assignments.
  17. Moving at the Speed of Creativity: Whether homeschooling or hooked up with a classroom gig, the projects and ideas listed here are certainly very useful. Everything from videos to walkthroughs grant visitors the boost they need to better engage and educate their students.
  18. Around the Miguel Guhlin loves technology and teaching in equal measure, blending his passions together into one interesting resource. Follow his opinions and advice regarding a diverse range of useful gadgets and services alike and how they might best be utilized in a classroom setting.
  19. open thinking: An educational technology and digital pedagogy expert with University of Regina blogs all about…umm…educational technology and digital pedagogy. Hit up open thinking for relevant recommendations, resources, raves and — this being the Internet and all — rants.
  20. High Techspectations: Savvy teachers might lose several hours perusing High Techspectations for professional (maybe even personal!) application ideas. Be sure to check out the many different slideshows available for some in-depth looks at how educators are stepping up their game using technology.