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99 Free Academic Journals You Can Access Online

Many academic journals are only available through educational institutions and by subscription, but there are also a number of journals that are completely free to access online. Whether you’re a distance learner looking for free resources or just seeking information about art, finance, or science, there’s a free academic journal out there for you. Read on to find out about the wide variety of journals that you can use online for free.


These journals cover topics from DNA to engineering.

  1. Agronomy Research: Estonian University of Life Sciences publishes this journal twice a year.
  2. DNA Research: Oxford University Press’ DNA Research offers peer-reviewed content on genes and genomes.
  3. HighWire Press: Stanford’s HighWire Press is a huge archive of free full-text science articles.
  4. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering: Published six times a year, the Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering emphasizes mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering.
  5. African Journal of Agricultural Research: Find research articles in agricultural economics, engineering, and more in this journal.
  6. Academic Open Internet Journal: The AOIJ offers discussions on everything from quantum frameworks to fingerprint detection.
  7. Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal: Find some of Columbia’s manuscripts of significant scientific research and analysis in this journal.
  8. Astronomy Education Review: Read this journal to learn about the stars, seasons, and more.
  9. Electronic Journal of Science Education: Check out this peer reviewed journal from Southwestern University for information about science education.
  10. California Agriculture: Read peer-reviewed research in agricultural, natural, and human resources from this journal produced by the University of California.
  11. Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology: Find peer reviewed communication in science and technology from this journal by Maejo University.
  12. Online Journal of Biological Sciences: This quarterly publication covers everything from cell biology to bioinformatics.
  13. McGill Science Undergraduate Journal: Find undergraduate research from McGill University in this journal.
  14. Diffusion Fundamentals: In this journal, you’ll be able to learn about diffusion theory, experiment, and application.
  15. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology: Find research, theories, and observations from Akmai University in this journal.
  16. Agricultural Engineering International: In this journal from Texas A & M University, you’ll be able to find articles about agricultural engineering.
  17. Science World Journal: A publication of Kaduna State University in Nigeria, Science World Journal highlights cutting edge research across the sciences.
  18. Electronic Liquid Crystal Communications: Pick up this journal to read about liquid crystals.
  19. DataCritica: International Journal of Critical Statistics: Check out DataCritica to read about statistical facts, methods, and more.
  20. Silpakorn University Science and Technology Journal: Silpakorn’s journal covers health sciences, engineering, agriculture, and more.
  21. Genomics, Society and Policy: In this online academic journal, you’ll find thoughful discussions about the way genomics intersects with the world around us.
  22. Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal: This mathematics journal aims to publish high quality papers in mathematical physics and related areas.
  23. International Agrophysics: The Institute of Agrophysics produces this quarterly journal that focuses on applications of physics in environmental and agricultural sciences.
  24. Physics and Philosophy: Read this new open access journal from Dortmund University of Technology to read about the laws of physics, philosophy, and more.
  25. Journal of Biological Engineering: This journal publishes articles on biological engineering.

Art & Design

Read about museums, architecture, writing and more in these academic journals.

  1. City & Time: City & Time is devoted to the study of the conservation and transformation of cities.
  2. eSharp: University of Glasgow’s eSharp is an international online journal for postgraduate research in
    the arts, humanities, social sciences and education.
  3. Museum and Society: The University of Leicester’s journal covers museum studies, conservation, and more.
  4. Reading in a Foreign Language: In this journal, you’ll find a variety of issues in foreign language reading and literacy.
  5. Australian Humanities Review: Read about Australia’s life and culture, read book reviews, and more in this journal.
  6. Music Theory Online: Through this music theory journal, you’ll find criticism, commentary, research, and more.
  7. International Journal of Architectural Research: Read about issues in accessibility, cultural architecture, and more in this journal.
  8. Crossings: From Trinity College, Crossings offers a look at the intersection of art and technology.
  9. CEBE Transactions: Cardiff University’s Centre for Education in the Built Environment is a peer reviewed journal discussing built environment disciplines.
  10. Enculturation: If you’re looking for discussions on rhetoric and writing, this journal from George Mason University will deliver.
  11. Early Modern Literary Studies: This journal discusses literature, culture, and more.
  12. Belphegor: In this scholarly journal, you’ll read about popular literature and media culture.
  13. Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text: Lovers of romantic text should be sure to read this journal.
  14. Philament: In the University of Sydney’s Philament, you’ll read about cultural studies and the literary arts.
  15. Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net: This journal celebrates Romanticism and Victorianism.
  16. Colloquy: Monash University’s Colloquy highlights work from postgraduates writing about literary and cultural studies.
  17. International Journal of Education and the Arts: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s journal covers issues such as aesthetic representations, artistic development, and art around the world.
  18. Consciousness, Literature and the Arts: The University of Lincoln’s journal is a forum for work relating the arts and literature to the exploration of consciousness.
  19. Bryn Mawr Review of Comparative Literature: Read this online journal to find timely reviews of books in the field of comparative literature.

Business & Finance

These journals take a look at economics, executives, and beyond.

  1. Economic Analysis and Policy: This journal offers a number of online downloadable articles on economics and policy.
  2. Nova Economia: Published three times a year, Nova Economica offers a Brazilian look at economics.
  3. European Political Economy Review: The European Political Economy Review aims to close the gap between political, economic, and juridical sciences.
  4. Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation: Check out this journal if you’d like to learn about evaluation and decision making.
  5. Information Technologies and International Development: Consider issues in information and communication technologies, and how they effect the world with this journal.
  6. Michigan Journal of Business: This journal from the University of Michigan discusses issues like currency, tax, and executives.
  7. Bifröst Journal of Social Science: Check out the Bifröst Journal of Social Science and read articles about business, economics, and more.
  8. Demographic Research: Published by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, this journal discusses population issues in an international community.


These journals of medicine are available through open access.

  1. AIDS Research and Therapy: Check out this journal to find basic science alongside important research articles about stopping the spread of AIDS.
  2. Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries: The University of Otago in New Zealand publishes this journal that discusses the impact of health informatics in developing countries.
  3. Medical Education Online: This journal offers a way for physicians and health professionals to share medical information.
  4. Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings: Baylor’s medical journal covers a variety of different issues in medicine.
  5. Annual Review of Biomedical Sciences: Read Sao Paulo State University’s journal for discussions on animal sciences, nutrition, ethology, and more.
  6. Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine: In this journal, you’ll read about translational and personalized medicine.
  7. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: Published bimonthly by the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences discusses risk factors, treatments, and more.
  8. Biomedical Imaging and Intervention Journal: The University of Malaysia’s Department of Biomedical Imaging offers this journal about imaging and allied sciences.
  9. North Carolina Medical Journal: Read about new ideas, approaches, and policies in health care through this journal.
  10. Korean Journal of Medical History: Learn about the history of Korean medicine in this journal.

Social Science

Read these academic journals to learn about cultures, geography, and more.

  1. Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies: This electronic journal from the University of Auckland in New Zealand offers a peer-reviewed showcase of graduate students discussing a wide range of disciplines in Asia-Pacific studies.
  2. History of Intellectual Culture: Check out this journal for a discussion on the historical contexts of ideas and ideologies.
  3. Slavic Studies: Here you’ll find case studies, analysis and more related to slavic studies.
  4. Culture, Society and Praxis: The Culture, Society and Praxis journal is all about the transformation of culture and society.
  5. A Contracorriente: This journal is all about social history and literature in Latin America.
  6. Cybergeo: The Cybergeo journal is a European journal of geography.
  7. Leeds International Classical Studies: Follow this journal for articles and dicussion papers on Greek and Roman antiquity and the history of the classical tradition.
  8. ACME: Read about critical geographies in this journal.
  9. African Studies Quarterly: In the University of Florida’s journal, you’ll read about current issues in African studies.
  10. The 49th Parallel: Read this e-journal from the University of Birmingham to learn all about North American studies.
  11. Globality Studies Journal: Stony Brook’s open access journal discusses global history, culture, and society.
  12. Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies: Read this journal to find research and scholarly writing on contemporary Japan.
  13. Southern Spaces: Southern Spaces is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on America’s South.
  14. The Medieval Review: Since 1993, this journal has discussed historical figures, issues, and discoveries about the Medieval times.
  15. The Journal for Late Antique Religion and Culture: Cardiff University’s journal offers a look at antiquity.
  16. Electronic Journal of Radical Organisation Theory: Find out how radical organization works in this journal.
  17. Studies on Asia: Published by the Asian Studies Center of Michigan State University, Studies on Asia looks at Asian art, culture, and more.
  18. Delaware Review of Latin American Studies: The University of Delaware’s scholarly online journal covers all aspects of Latin American society, culture, and history.
  19. Comparative Literature and Culture: Published by Purdue University Press, Comparative Literature and Culture shares information about scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.
  20. Nordic Journal of African Studies: Read this journal to learn about a Nordic approach to Africa.
  21. Journal of Historical Biography: This periodical from the University of the Fraser Valley covers issues in writing biographies and autobiographies.
  22. Reviews in History: Check out this ejournal to see discussions of history in education, the public, and more.

Law & Politics

If you’re interested in legal studies or politics, these academic journals are a great free resource.

  1. Duke Law Journal: Duke’s law journal offers a top-notch look at today’s legal issues.
  2. European Journal of Legal Studies: This European journal seeks to further the promotion of legal studies.
  3. International Socialism: Learn all about socialist theory with this journal.
  4. Human Rights & Human Welfare: Check out this journal for an international review of books and other publications on human rights and human welfare.
  5. Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum: Consider issues at the intersection of the environment and law with this journal.
  6. Law, Social Justice & Global Development: Read about global health law, finances, and more in this journal.
  7. Electronic Journal of Comparative Law: Learn about issues in comparative law from this Dutch journal.
  8. Richmond Journal of Law & Technology: This journal offers a discussion of patents, research and a lot more.
  9. International Journal of Communications and Law Policy: Read this journal that is devoted to law, policy, and technology of media regulation around the world.
  10. War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity: In War Crimes, you’ll find pieces highlighting investigation of the acts prohibited by international criminal, humanitarian, and human rights law.
  11. Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property: In this journal, you’ll learn about issues in law, technology, and intellectual property.
  12. Harvard Human Rights Journal: Read this annual journal to find cutting edge human rights scholarship.
  13. Web Journal of Current Legal Issues: This web journal focuses on current legal issues in a variety of different subjects.
  14. University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal: This journal is dedicated to all aspects of law and technology.
  15. Journal of Information, Law, and Technology: If you’re interested in electronic law, be sure to read this journal.