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10 Incredibly Beautiful High Schools That Put Yours to Shame

You may be proud of your high school, beautiful or not, but chances are, it doesn’t hold a candle to these gorgeous campuses. Among them are marvels of green design, architecture, and history that just can’t be ignored. Read on to learn about 10 incredibly beautiful high schools from around the world that make yours look a little shameful.

  1. Stadium High School: Located near downtown Tacoma, Washington, this high school is a historic landmark. It started its life as a partially constructed hotel, but was burned to a shell before being reconstructed for use as a school. True to its name, Stadium High has a beautiful stadium overlooking the water. Fans of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You may remember it as Padua High.
  2. Little Rock Central High School: Some high schools are lauded for the beauty of their campus, but only one actually carries the title. When Little Rock Central High School’s construction was completed, the American Institute of Architects named it “America’s Most Beautiful High School.” The school is recognized as a National Historic Site with the National Park Service, and was an important part of the integration of public schools with the Little Rock Integration Crisis.
  3. Concordia International School Shanghai: The Concordia International School Shanghai campus has been in planning, design, and construction for 10 years, with a newly completed 10-acre school campus including an elementary school and performing arts center. It boasts a green design, habitable garden, and an outdoor climbing wall.
  4. Santa Barbara High School: Santa Barbara High School offers a beautiful 18th century Spanish influenced campus that spans 40 acres in Santa Barbara, California. It’s the 3rd oldest high school in California, and has been named an official California and City historic landmark.
  5. Rafael Arozarena High School: Located in La Orotava, Spain, Rafael Arozarena High blends into the town’s urban layout. The design of the high school carefully allows land to flow, with a focus on making farming space available. Part of the school is set into the earth in order to allow for views over the valley and sea.
  6. Orestad College: Orestad is the Danish equivalent of a high school, offering university preparation to students. The design of Orestad is modern and appealing to students, with a fresh look, extremely comfortable amenities including pillow study areas, and lots of light.
  7. Marcel Sembat High School: To find the most beautiful green high school in the world, you’ll have to go to France. It is located within a public park in the Sotteville-les-Rouen region and boasts a mix of 1900s buildings. The park extends on and even into the buildings with insulating green roofs. The integration of the school and the park offers a beautiful place to learn as well as a plaza for public access.
  8. Diamond Ranch High School: Built on a steep hillside that was previously considered unusable, Diamond Ranch High School is full of architectural interest. It was designed by widely recognized architect Thom Mayne with a jaw-dropping $80.9 million grant. This school’s campus has attracted attention for its looks, appearing in movies including The Cell and Serenity, as well as a backdrop for Mercedes Benz and McDonalds commercials.
  9. American Canyon High School: American Canyon High School prides itself as a model of architectural innovation. The school has a green campus with small learning communities that each have their own courtyard, innovative sustainable design elements, and a large campus green area. It is designed by the architects to give students a sense of comfort, health, and belonging, and is one of the first verified “green” schools from the Collaborative for High Performance School.
  10. Central Los Angeles Area High School #9: In Los Angeles, you’ll find Central LA #9, which boasts a design from Austrian architects Coop Himmelblau. It’s design for education in the visual and performing arts, with a unique tower, seven buildings, and a design concept that centers on architectural signs as symbols.