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10 Colleges Going All In On Instagram

Social media has made a big splash on college campuses, but some schools have taken things beyond the usual Facebook and Twitter to include the popular photo-sharing service Instagram. With Instagram, they’re able to drum up school spirit, show off what their campus is all about, and get students involved in events in a whole new way. Read on as we explore how 10 different colleges are making great use of Instagram.

  1. Texas Christian University:

    TCU has made a big push on Instagram, encouraging students to post and participate during major events. The university’s new media specialist Amy Peterson notes, “photos are one of the best ways to sell anything,” so it’s a major tool in their marketing strategy. Peterson finds that it allows the university to be where students and alumni are.

  2. University of Florida:

    Due to popular demand, the University of Florida shares behind-the-scenes images of the university on Instagram. They share photos from lectures, inside the university TV station, and even a photograph from the podium of the university commencement ceremony. The university has found that it offers a nostalgic look at the campus for alumni, and excitement for current and potential students. Plus, like TCU, University of Florida students participate in major events with Instagram, like using the #ufgrad hashtag during their commencement ceremonies.

  3. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay:

    The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay uses Instagram as a resource for expanding their social media influence. They feed Instagram to all of their social media networks, especially Facebook. They’ve found that it makes it easy to attract new photo followers, while also sharing great photos from the campus and college life.

  4. Kaplan International Colleges:

    Using Instagram, Kaplan International Colleges is able to highlight its worldwide educational offerings, sharing photos of travel locations, campuses, and student activities. Some of the most interesting Instagram offerings from KIC include student projects and proposals, highlighting some of the great things that Kaplan students have been doing.

  5. Wayne State University:

    Wayne State University has found incredible popularity on Instagram, attracting nearly 100 followers just in its first two days on the site and enjoyed a 72% engagement rate. Although they initially felt that Instagram was not worthy of the time investment, they’ve now made participation in the photo site a priority, and it shows. They’ve stayed consistent, posting at least one new photo each day that students and alumni can identify with.

  6. Vanderbilt University:

    Like the University of Florida, students at Vanderbilt University have made commencement ceremonies an Instagram affair. Using the hashtag #VU2012, the university collected the latest photos to share, posting them on their website every 30 seconds so that they could be shared with families and students.

  7. Tufts University:

    Tufts has spread its Instagram influence far and wide, with accounts for everything from alumni to admissions. The university encourages lots of participation not only on official accounts, but also using the #Tufts hashtag to highlight student, staff, and visitor experiences on campus. Even the Tufts Observer uses Instagram to host a Tufts Observer Instagram Photo Contest that prints the best Instagram submissions in issues of the paper.

  8. Syracuse University:

    Syracuse University uses Instagram as a marketing tool for promoting their campus. They’ve created a special focus on posting images that share the history of school, calling their collection a “throwback.” Their strategy works, sharing a feeling of nostalgia and historic credibility. There are, of course, plenty of photos depicting current activities and developments on campus as well.

  9. Princeton University:

    Princeton University’s Instagram feed is a platform for sharing and stimulating campus pride. The University loves to share photos from games, activities, and the moments that make Princeton unique. They’ve made it a point to share photos from the culture and events at school, encouraging more students to participate in major campus events.

  10. Temple University:

    Temple University has used Instagram as part of a larger social media campaign to highlight school pride. The campaign is called, “Temple Made,” and it uses Instagram and other social media outlets to illustrate students, athletics, campus spots, and local favorites that illustrate the great things that Temple University has done. It’s a great way to highlight the accomplishments of the university and get both students and alumni involved in school pride.