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Online Colleges in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education consists of 14 state universities, while the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges consists of 14 community colleges throughout the state. The largest public university in the state is Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), with 19 campuses and a total enrollment of more than 96,500 students in 2011, which includes, more than 10,300 students enrolled at Penn State’s World Campus, earning degrees from one of Pennsylvania’s best colleges online. One of the most prominent private schools in the state is University of Pennsylvania, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740 and consistently ranked one of the top ten universities in the nation.

To ensure students are receiving a high-quality education, the best colleges in Pennsylvania are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, a regional accrediting organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. In addition to this, the Pennsylvania Department of Education Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education and the state’s Bureau of Postsecondary and Adult Education evaluate degree programs being offered by public and private institutions across the state for quality. The state’s Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality reviews and approves of teacher preparation programs provided by public and private institutions across the state to ensure educators are properly trained and qualified to teach.

This assurance of high quality includes the programs being offered by the best Pennsylvania colleges online. Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Philadelphia University, University of Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania’s community colleges are just a few of the institutions in the state offering online education. Therefore, students are able to earn degrees from the best colleges online in Pennsylvania without having to attend the campus.

Below, we provide you with a ranked list of the best online colleges in Pennsylvania. We’ve determined these rankings based on the following attributes:

  • total part-time to full-time faculty ratio
  • financial aid rate
  • acceptance rate
  • retention rate
  • graduation rate
  • years accredited
  • default rate
  • job placement rate

Note that schools with fewer than half of these points were not ranked in order to be fair to the other schools with most of the above information available. 

RANKSchoolFull-time to Part-time FacultyFinancial Aid RateAcceptance RateRetention RateGraduation RateYears Accredited Default RateJob Placement Rate 
15.88 to 132%58%90%79%914%NA
21.75 to 191%72%88%77%853%NA
30.97 to 1100%70%87%76%772%NA
46.95 to 129%55%92%87%916%NA
51.8 to 1100%64%83%65%502%NA
61.29 to 167%63%87%68%916%NA
70.53 to 199%57%86%64%775%NA
80.69 to 193%78%89%76%904%N/A
90.46 to 1100%62%70%60%883%68%
102.21 to 112%47%86%68%664%NA
110.58 to 199%54%76%62%665%NA
121.23 to 199%85%79%67%614%NA
137.14 to 110%67%81%59%695%NA
140.61 to 197%75%82%58%756%NA
150.9 to 198%79%81%59%444%NA
160.49 to 198%73%81%69%423%NA
173.16 to 156%77%73%50%979%NA
180.4 to 193%74%80%66%586%NA
190.24 to 197%54%67%58%829%NA
202.63 to 17%79%70%49%647%95%
214.54 to 114%75%73%51%638%NA
222.93 to 119%77%72%53%708%NA
230.6 to 176%46%73%52%337%NA
240.58 to 199%72%62%51%6910%NA
250.35 to 190%91%70%44%7613%NA
262.91 to 15%NA66%47%4210%NA
271.72 to 142%NA67%54%1018%NA
280.27 to 134%43%42%46%3510%NA
290.24 to 181%75%63%21%NA23%NA
300.4 to 111%NA63%11%44NANA
310.35 to 11%NA61%12%4213%NA
320.14 to 15%NA62%21%4216%NA
330.21 to 16%NA56%11%4214%NA
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