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Colleges By State

When you’re considering going to school online, a big selling point is that you technically can go anywhere in the world – you’re not bound by the limits of your location anymore. But sometimes, the best place to start your search can be by state. If you’re applying to programs that require some on-campus presence or orientation, looking into schools close by would be advantageous. When applying to professional programs, going to school in the state you wish to practice in could also be beneficial, especially when it comes time to take credentialing exams. Or maybe you’re interested in attending a hybrid program, only taking some classes online and the rest on campus.

Studying online gives you many different options, and whichever degree path you prefer, we make finding the right college easy. We’ve compiled the best online colleges by state so you can compare tuition rates, degree levels, and subject areas from schools across the nation. While some online schools charge a flat-rate for online students, others charge considerably more for out-of-state tuition. Interested to see what online degrees are available in your home state? Get started below!


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