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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement details how gathers, utilizes, and shares users’ personal information. It is possible that it will be updated in the future if our policies change. Thus, we suggest that users read through it now and again to ensure their information policy knowledge is current.

Contact Information

If upon reviewing our privacy policy you have questions or concerns, you may contact us using our contact form.

Information Collection may collect personal information from you during your use of our site and services, such as contact and demographic information, as well as information about your computer. This information may include, but is not limited to, your name, education, zip code, operating system, IP address, telephone number, or mailing address.

Information Use

Information you give to is considered an inquiry into our website and services. As such, you give us, our partners, and our affiliates the right to contact you. You also give said parties permission to call you despite your being listed on a state or federal Do Not Call list because companies queried are omitted from Do Not Call list stipulations.

Information is used to:

  • Suggest online college degree programs suitable for you and your busy schedule
  • Provide you with information pertaining to your education and career goals, or on schools for which you’ve requested such information
  • Address your questions, concerns, or customer service requests
  • Provide you with news or marketing information that relates to your career or educational pursuits
  • Better our services and business model
  • Engage in various forms of research and analysis as they relate to our business

Unsubscribe from Marketing Communications

We understand that some users will not want to be participants in our marketing communications. As such, we’ve made unsubscribing to such communications simple. You will find unsubscribe directions in our emails to you.

Information Sharing will only share users’ personal information in ways that are consistent with this privacy policy. Under no circumstance will sell your information to other companies with inappropriate marketing intentions. Meanwhile, there are some cases in which we will share your personal information. One of those cases is if we hire a third party service company to assist us in our business undertakings and it needs users’ personal information to complete its duties. In such a case, a service company contracted by us will use this information only for’s business purposes, not its own.

Another instance is when we have your permission and are legally ordered to do so if we’re engaged in merging, acquiring, or selling some or all of our business assets. In this case, if we feel with good reason (i.e. in good faith) that doing so will meet a government demand, aid us in investigating fraud, or necessarily safeguard yours, another’s, or our physical safety or rights, we may give a third party your personal information.

Effective 08/18/2012

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