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Online education continues its meteoric rise, seen not only in the prevalence of online colleges, but also in the increasing number of brick-and-mortar institutions that are creating online programs of their own. And service members and veterans, too, are turning to online programs to advance their career opportunities.

Why online programs? Service members and veterans alike are often juggling a number of obligations, and online programs offer convenience and flexibility. While they share these characteristics, they differ in others, such as the benefits and services they offer to military members and veterans. The military provides a number of education benefits to service members and veterans, such as the G.I. Bill, which allows service members to invest in their education during service. This section will help you determine how to find the online program — undergraduate or graduate — that’s right for you. Learn about the advantages of earning an online degree, the education benefits available to service members and veterans, and how to pick the best online colleges for military members.

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