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Financial Aid Made Easy

Introduction You’ve made the decision to go to college; however, like many students, you’re wondering how to pay for it. You probably know there are options like student loans and scholarships, but you aren’t sure how to find your way through all the red tape. You also may be wondering how you will balance work […]

Finding the Best Online College for You

Introduction Many prospective students approach the search for an online university backwards by looking for an online college first; then they choose a program. They may even be admitted to a program and sign up for classes before they realize they have not made a good choice. The opposite is a better approach: First, determine […]

GI Bill Benefits for Online Education Guide

Introduction Whether you are currently active military or nearing the completion of your enlistment, you may be thinking about what else you can do to help improve and secure your future. Going to college seems like an obvious option, but is it really possible? You also may be wondering about your dependents: Do they qualify […]

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