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What Does an Online Degree Diploma Look Like?

A diploma from an online program looks like, well, any other diploma you’ve ever seen. While every school’s format will differ, there are some standards you should expect to see on any official diploma.

  • Nice paper. Diplomas are generally printed on a heavy paper, helping them be resistant to fading, tearing and other kinds of damage.
  • Official information. Diplomas will also generally have the name of the university printed across the top followed by the student’s name in the and the type of degree that they’ve obtained through the university.
  • Seals and signatures. Additionally, legitimate diplomas should feature an official seal from the university as well as signatures from the university president, chancellor, head of the board of trustees or all of the above.

Generally speaking, there is no major difference between a diploma obtained from an online school and one from a brick-and-mortar institution. They should look about the same and the only physical difference between the two is that one will bear the name of an online college and the other will not. In fact, if you attended an online degree program through a traditional college, there will actually be no difference in your diploma for an online program and one for a campus-based program.

Whether you’ve attended school online or off, expect to receive your diploma in the mail about 4 to 6 weeks after graduation. It will likely come in an envelope or other mailer, with more elegant frames and portfolios available for purchase. However, keep in mind that while diplomas are a great way to display your academic achievements, official transcripts are the more accepted form of documentation when you’re applying for a job or graduate degree program.

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