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Post University was established in 1890 as a business school in Connecticut, with the goal of preparing students for the working world. From that moment, Post University embarked on a mission to broaden its scope and reach out to even more students. In 1939, it became Post Junior College, and in 1976, it received accreditation and national recognition, thereby becoming Post College. Finally, in 2004, Post broadened its curriculum to include new programs and a focus on individual students, transforming from a college to a university. In 2006, Post University added its first master’s degree program. Now, Post continues to develop new and efficient means by which students can be educated.

Post offers associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and professional certificates in a variety of fields. Of course, given the university’s roots, Post has very strong business programs and offers a variety of business degrees, including multiple MBA options. Post offers degrees in other fields as well, such as accounting, legal studies, child studies, computer information systems, education, human services, and more. In all of these programs, Post supplies curricula based on the demands of related careers, rather than theories and abstract principles. Post’s goal is to train students for the working world, and to prepare them for the transition that follows graduation.

For its bachelor’s programs, Post accepts a very high number of transfer credits. Students can transfer up to 90 credits, and both military and life experience can be translated into credits. Master’s degree students can transfer up to 9 credit graduate credits. Post also allows students to apply associate degree credits toward a bachelor’s degree. The acceptance of transfer credits is subject to review by the school and cannot be guaranteed. Be sure to talk with Post University regarding specific rules and exceptions that may apply.

Post provides a variety of opportunities for financial aid (only for those that qualify), and has advisers on standby for any students, new or current, that have questions. The university is dedicated toward being a steady support for students on the path to bettering themselves and their careers.

The Student Experience

All of Post’s coursework can be completed either online or at its Connecticut campus. The online classes put the power of time management in the student’s hand. Students enrolled online can complete coursework at their own convenience, while still holding down a job or fulfilling family obligations. All coursework is easily accessible via Post’s website.

There are a variety of student programs available at Post. One such program is the Cooperative Education Program, which combines work experience with classroom experience. This program eases the transition from college to work, and also gives students practical experience they can put on a resume or discuss during an interview.

Student communication takes place on the internet, but this fact can be seen as a benefit rather than a hindrance. Students do not have the pressure of face-to-face contact, and can discussion school, networking, and other things without worrying about being judged. This also permits students from all over the nation to interact, which makes for a diverse student body.

Teaching At Post

Post University seeks to prepare students for their future careers, and as such, employs a knowledgeable faculty. Professors come from a variety of backgrounds, but have one factor in common: they are experts in their respective fields. For instance, Dr. Richard Maybury of Post’s business school has extensive experience in owning and running Peak Performance Group, Inc. He utilizes this experience to enhance his curriculum. Michele Herrera founded her own company to help high school students make their dreams of higher education a reality, and has also published many articles for various journals. She uses her knowledge and expertise to prepare future educators. No matter the major, Post ensures that its faculty is of the best and most experienced.

Students can interact with professors via email and chat, and in some instances, even programs like Skype. Message boards permit class discussion and participation grades, and all coursework is accessed through Post’s school website. Despite the component of distance, students that make the most of their online education can not only learn a lot, but also establish long-term contact with professors who are experienced in their fields, which in turn can allow for networking.

Post Graduates in the Real World

Post University has career services to assist students with finding and establishing their careers. By providing guidance, resume help, assessments, and resources, Post’s career counselors assist students in planning their futures. Post also provides placement assistance and interview help.

Once a student graduates from Post University, they aren’t thrust into the world without any support. On the contrary, Post seeks to remain an active part in students’ lives. One such way they managed to do this is by providing an office entirely dedicated to alumni affairs. Post’s Alumni Affairs Office puts out a publication to keep alumni updated on relevant topics, and also helps student keep in touch with both faculty and fellow students.

Graduates go on to forge successful careers, thanks not only to their solid, work-oriented education from Post, but also the long-lasting benefits of being a Post alumni.

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