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Everest University

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Everest University is a member of Corinthian Colleges, Inc., a company dedicated to career-oriented education for adults. Everest itself boasts over 100 campuses throughout the United States as well as multiple online degree programs. With its Tampa campus having roots that go as far back as 1890, during which Tampa College was established as Florida’s first business college, Everest has a strong and dedicated history. In 1996, Tampa College evolved into Florida Metropolitan University, after which it was renamed to Everest University in 2007. Everest can now boast national recognition.

In order to attest to the quality of education and staff, Everest University online has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Everest is also a member of the North Central Association. The Florida campus locations are accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. By holding these nationally recognized accreditations, Everest ensures that students will receive an excellent higher learning experience, with full faculty and staff support.

There are many programs from which students can choose. Everest offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in accounting, management, administration, computer information science, criminal justice, homeland security, paralegal, and criminal investigation. Coursework is offered online or at Everest’s physical campuses in states such as Florida and California. As a career-oriented university, Everest seeks to assist students in developing the skills and experience to assist them in the workforce.

Everest accepts transfer credits. Students must send transcripts for review prior to receiving credits. At least 25% of coursework must be completed through Everest, and only relevant courses are counted toward a degree plan. Finally, students must have earned a C or higher in their classes in order to receive credit through Everest.

The Student Experience

Everest’s curriculum offers the freedom for students to maintain their responsibilities without sacrifice. Online coursework can be completed on the student’s own time, with assignments, homework, and lectures always available on the school’s website. Students can take campus-based courses at convenient times, such as in the evenings and weekends, so that they can work in conjunction with taking classes.

Everest provides a slew of student serves and resources. Students have access to a digital library for all their research needs, tutoring, and assistance with financial aid. In addition, Everest holds frequent activities to help build teamwork and develop leadership skills among students.

Programs can be completed within a variety of timeframes. Associate degrees can usually take up to two years to complete, but Everest offers some career training programs that take as little as nine months to finish. For the dedicated student, it is possible to finish a bachelor’s degree in less than four years. Master’s degrees take an average of two years, due to the depth of research involved in obtaining such a degree.

Despite the component of distance, students are able to network with each other via Skype and instant messenger programs. The school has multiple Facebook pages that exist for the sake of social interaction as well. This enables students to forge friendships without being physically present.

Everest also has a very diverse student body, with students from all over America as well as from other countries. “”I…have found it to be a real joy to meet people from around the nation–and even from other countries,” said Dr. Carla McGill, a member of Everest’s faculty.

Teaching At Everest

Due to its career-centered approach to higher education, Everest believes that all professors and instructors should be experienced professionals within their fields. Utilizing their experience in the workforce, coupled with their advanced education, Everest professors ensure that students receive a detailed and thorough education within their majors. For example, Everest professor of business Dr. Dahli Gray not only has extensive experience with both management and adult education, but she has also written publications for various journals. Her expertise is an excellent addition to the business curriculum.

Instructors deliver course content via the internet. Lectures are delivered in the form of PowerPoint files and recordings. Students check in with professors with the use of email and chat, and participate in message board discussions to fulfill participation requirements.

Everest Graduates in the Real World

Though a student’s enrollment in Everest ends at graduation, Everest remains a strong and supportive presence during the transition into the workforce. With career services that supply resume help and job guidance, Everest ensures that students will not be left without the means with which they can turn their degrees into relevant career-builders. Career services can also assist with interview skills and salary negotiations, two very important factors that come into play when job hunting.

Because Everest has students and graduates from all over the nation, they can access job postings across the United States, and beyond. With alumni groups on Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking websites, students can also network independently and forge their own paths.

Education does not end with the receipt of a degree. Rather, it extends beyond college, into careers. Everest guides that growth to ensure student success and achievement, even after the online student has closed Everest’s webpage for the last time.

Everest University Online

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