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Grant Becker

Grant Becker
Former national admissions advisor
American InterContinental University

Grant Becker is a former admissions advisor for AIU Online. He worked there for about a year, and considered his time at AIU to be a great experience. Prior to this, he earned his degree from the University of Arizona. He currently resides in the Portland, Ore. area and works as a technical recruiter for an IT staffing firm. Becker said that his current job is similar to being an advisor in that he is working to help people, much like he did at AIU. He hopes to begin a career as a broadcaster/announcer for college basketball, which has long been his goal and passion.

While you were an advisor at American InterContinental University, how did you assist students?

Advisors assist students by explaining the online process, school, how long it will take, different career services offered, and what a degree can do for them. Basically, [the job is to] just be informative as they would like, [acting as] customer service for the school.

What are the admissions requirements for AIU Online, and what preparations need to be made before applying?

For admittance, a prospective student must have a GED or proof of HS graduation from an accredited school (advisors have a list of non-accredited schools), have a completed application (short essay included), and pay the $50 application fee before admittance. That is really about it.

Can you describe the application and registration process?

The application process is usually a student requesting information and advisors speaking with them about why they want a degree and their goals. Advisors explain the school, price, time frame, degrees, etc., and if [the school is] a good fit for the candidate, we will walk them through the application process online, and if [they] meet above requirements, the advisor will then have a meeting with the director of admissions, explaining why the candidate would be a good fit for the AIU Online student body. Admittance can be turned around very quickly, and someone who just applied could know within two hours if they are admitted.

Are students able to transfer in college credit from different schools?

Yes. [The credits] must be from an accredited college and what transfers over will be determined from our Prior Learning Assessment Department.

Are AIU Online students able to transfer the credits they earn at AIU to another college, even if they are going to a traditional campus?

Yes. However, it depends on which school [the student is] transferring to. Ultimately, it depends on the school [they are] going to, similar to if someone wanted to transfer into AIU. But, if [the student] earned a C or better, [they] should be able to transfer the credits if they apply to the new school’s program, but advisors cannot guarantee all credits will transfer.

What demographic seems to be the most interested in AIU Online?

AIU’s demographic is not a typical college student. They are typically ages 24-50, I would say. So, they are more than likely working full time or looking for work, and online makes sense because they can [complete their school work based on] their time rather than making time to sit in a classroom a few times a week. Also, most of the students’ goals are to graduate quickly, and AIU’s accelerated pace offers them that option.

How does a student know if AIU is right for them?

Well, as a former advisor, one thing that makes a student chose AIU is the initial relationship/conversation with the student to try and enroll them. Building that rapport, I feel, helps the student feel comfortable. I would say if [you are] looking for a business degree, then AIU is one of the best online schools as that is our main focus for academics.

In your opinion, what makes AIU Online the best online school?

A lot of good online schools [are] out there — it just depends what the student is looking for. One thing I thought was a benefit for AIU was the flexibility. AIU doesn’t have any required times or days that a student must be logged in on the computer. They could solely go to school in the middle of the night if need be.

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