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Written Communication: A Beginner’s Guide to College Writing Assignments

Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013

Winner of Best Colleges Online’s 2012 Online College Professor of the Year contest LeAnne Prenovost will be blogging for Edventure Calling throughout the school year on issues that new online students face. In today’s technology driven society, written communication is king. In fact, written communication is often more important and frequent than face-to-face communication. One […]

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3 Tips for Balancing E-learning and Parenting

Posted on Tuesday March 5, 2013

One of the most common concerns of adult e-learners is how to be a successful student and parent. With estimates ranging as high as 75% of all part and full-time postsecondary learners trying to balance education and family, and the increasing popularity of virtual education, thriving at child-rearing and learning is of increasing concern. What […]

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Memoir Monday: Effective Feedback Equals Student Success

Posted on Monday March 4, 2013

[In this month’s Memoir Monday, nationally recognized, award-winning tutor Joni Boone shares how her own experience as a student shaped how she provides feedback to e-learners, leading them to their own successful edventure. She may be reached in Twitter] As a tutor in an online writing center, I provide feedback to students daily through written […]

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5 Less Commonly Considered Reasons to Take Online Classes

Posted on Thursday February 28, 2013

Most students will say that they enjoy taking online classes because of the flexibility and convenience (Bryant, J., Noel-Levitz. 1998-2013). These are certainly valid reasons, but have you ever thought about the additional reasons to consider virtual education? Here are five less commonly considered reasons to consider online education. #1: Health and Well-Being Most people […]

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Instructor’s Feedback

Posted on Tuesday February 26, 2013

One of the most frequent ways that online faculty and students communicate is through feedback. Professors will provide comments in response to assignments, discussion board posts, general academic progress, and other such activities. The goal is to help students learn not only about the specific subject of the class, but also to help them move […]

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3 Ways E-Learners Can Re-Energize

Posted on Thursday February 21, 2013

Usually students start their online education with the best of intentions. They have a plan for balancing home, job, and school, and an ambitious goal, such as maintaining a 4.0 all the way through their degree programs. However, something happens about midterm or mid-degree: burnout. Does this WebMD definition sound like you? A psychological state […]

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Five Ways to Reduce Fears about E-Learning

Posted on Tuesday February 19, 2013

Fear can be a crippling emotion that prevents us from taking even the very steps that could most likely improve our lives. Nowhere have I seen this play out more than with those who are contemplating answering the call to edventure. This fear of the unknown may even prevent some potential students from enrolling in […]

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4 Tips for Using Word Tools to Get Better Grades

Posted on Thursday February 14, 2013

Most people have some familiarity with Microsoft Word. What’s to know, right? You type, run spell check, and print. If you’re an online student, however, there are some features in Word that can help you get better grades that you may not even have thought about. Here are 4 ways for e-learners to achieve better […]

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Answer the Call to Edventure in 3 Steps

Posted on Tuesday February 12, 2013

Postsecondary education is about more than just making the jump to a career. Academics is about starting a life altering, life enhancing edventure that will take you to places you may have only dreamt of seeing and to accomplishments you may have only fantasized about achieving. The desire to pursue postsecondary education should involve a […]

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