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40 Best Twitter Feeds for GRE Prep

Posted on Sunday January 8, 2012 by Staff Writers

Twitter is wonderful for keeping up with Lady Gaga’s latest musings or Charlie Sheen’s ramblings. But what to do if you’re a Twitterholic who’s trying to study for the GRE? With these 40 Twitter feeds, you can bone up on everything you need to pass with flying colors, and you’ll never have to sign off again (except while you’re taking the test).

Test Prep Companies

  1. Kaplan Grad Prep: Find links to helpful videos, coupons for GRE prep classes, or just commiserate with fellow GRE studiers.
  2. The Princeton Review: Watch for discounts on courses offered by this iconic test prep company.
  3. Manhattan Prep: Check it often for free GRE material giveaways and articles like "Three Tips for Studying the GRE over Thanksgiving Break."

Verbal Section

  1. GRE Test Prep: It’s not updated every day, but this feed by points you to great tutorials for all your verbal section needs.
  2. UNM GRE Test Prep: Learn vocab words one day at a time, with one tweet per day from the University of New Mexico.
  3. @GREDailyTword: Here’s another offering from the Princeton Review to help you learn a GRE vocab word each day.

Math Section

  1. Learn Calculus!: It’s updated sporadically, but get calculus tidbits from someone who knows, if you’re taking the math test.
  2. Algebra Fact: Algebra Fact has excellent algebra-related info and articles to help you relearn what you’ve forgotten from high school.
  3. Math_Bits: It should be called Math_Mountains. Math_Bits has everything you ever wanted to know about math.

Essay Section

  1. Room for Debate: You’ll have to write an "argument" essay on the exam. Learn how to do it from the opinion pros at the New York Times.
  2. The Economist: If the Times is not your thing, maybe The Economist is. Study up on their debate articles.
  3. Daily Writing Tips: As the name implies, discover hundreds of terrific tips to make your essays pop.
  4. The New Yorker: The best way to become a good writer is to read good writing. Find that here, in spades.
  5. For your essay-writing enlightenment, follow ReadyEssay to read professional critiques of real-life college essays.
  6. US Dept of Education: Many of the sample essay topics involve education. Follow this feed and build a knowledge base of current education in America.
  7. Education Next: Use this feed to help you in your argument essay or an analytical essay about education.
  8. Governing: If you find yourself up against a question about government, you’ll have plenty of current examples to throw in thanks to following this feed.
  9. Open Society: For any essay questions about society, you can’t go wrong reading articles from these Tweeters.
  10. BrainyQuote: What essay doesn’t need a great quote? Find one here you like and commit it to memory.
  11. Albert Einstein: For that matter, what essay couldn’t use a quote from Albert Einstein?
  12. AdAge Stat: This feed posts interesting info about consumer trends in American demographics.
  13. Yahoo! Finance: Get a handle on the economy with financial articles that are easy to read.
  14. Wired: Stay up to date on controversial tech issues like cloning in case you get a technology essay question.
  15. United Nations: Give this page a look to get a feel for life for people around the world. It might come in handy for an essay.
  16. Dr. Bruce Weinstein: Use @The EthicsGuy your model for tackling essay questions about ethics that may show up on test day.
  17. Ethical Living: It’s the same idea, only Ethical Living focuses on human and environmental health.
  18. History Channel: Make it part of your daily routine to read "This Day in History." It can only help your essays.

Subject Tests

  1. Biochemistry: If the phrase "bioremediation of benzophenone by glycosylation" means anything to you, this is the feed for you.
  2. Biology Questions: Stay sharp on biology basics by testing yourself with the bio questions from this feed.
  3. Cell and Molecular: With Cell and Molecular, you’re two-thirds of the way there to keeping up with what you need to know on the biochemistry test.
  4. ChemistryWorld: For the chemists out there, this covers the latest developments in the field to keep you up to speed for the test.
  5. Computer Science: Want links to in-depth articles about neural networks and multivariable discreet systems? It’s yours. L33t!
  6. Bible Summary: On the Literature in English test, questions about the Bible are guaranteed. One kind soul is breaking it all down for you, "one tweet per chapter, one chapter per day."
  7. Physics World: Don’t be left behind in the fast-moving world of physics while you’re studying for the test.
  8. Psychology Today: @PsychToday is your best bet for psychology-related news and views to help you ace the psych test.

Test-taking Tips and More

  1. Brain Fitness: Mine useful nuggets like "Use Visual Memory Training to Help Recall Things."
  2. Bevo Jones: From the University of Texas, get tips on managing your stress both before and after you take the GRE.
  3. The Study Gurus: Learn from the gurus how to study for exams, how to get good grades with simple answers, and more.
  4. When all else fails, there’s always prayer.
  5. Think positively and start planning for life after you pass the GRE!