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50 Teachers Who Are Social Media Stars

Posted on Monday December 5, 2011 by Staff Writers

Social media is playing a bigger role in education than ever before. From being used in elementary, secondary, and college classrooms across the nation to helping instructors keep in touch, share ideas, and learn new and innovative strategies for teaching, social media is a must for those starting out or staying current with a career in education. Some teachers, however, are ahead of the curve, and have made a name for themselves sharing their expertise through sites like Twitter and Facebook and their own blogs. Here, we’ve highlighted just a few of the amazing teachers, educators, and professors who are taking social media by storm.


From elementary to special education to high school, these teachers are sharing their resources and tech-savvy through social media.

  1. Vicki Davis

    If you follow education blogs online, chances are pretty good that you’ve come across this award-winning teacher’s work. Her blog is incredibly popular, and she has over 27,000 followers on Twitter. Even better, she makes use of Facebook, RSS feeds, QR Codes, and all kinds of other tech goodies from which educators learn.

  2. Lisa Parisi

    Lisa Parisi has over 25 years of experience teaching elementary school, but that hasn’t made her stuck in her ways. She takes full advantage of the latest technologies and has her own blog, Lisa’s Lingo, as well as highly active profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Bud Hunt

    Many may be familiar with teacher Bud Hunt through his blog Bud the Teacher, but his social media interactions aren’t limited to the blogosphere. He also reaches out with a Twitter feed (with over 7,300 followers) and a Google + profile.

  4. Richard Byrne

    If you haven’t checked out history and civics teacher Richard Byrne’s award-winning blog Free Technology for Teachers, you’re missing out. Byrne shares loads of free online technology teachers can use through the blog, but also connects through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts that have tens of thousands of followers.

  5. Larry Ferlazzo

    Focusing on teaching ESL, ELL, and EFL, Ferlazzo shares a number of useful resources and ideas through his blog and to over 13,000 followers on Twitter. Teachers can also find him on Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn.

  6. Sabrina Stevens Shupe

    Teacher and education advocate Shupe spreads her ideas through a wide range of social media outlets. She writes articles for her own site and Huffington Post, as well as microblogging through a Twitter feed and networking on LinkedIn.

  7. Russel Tarr

    A history teacher and author of the websites ActiveHistory and, Tarr is very active in the online world. Those interested in learning more about his work (and online educational resources) should check out his popular Twitter feed, find him on Facebook, or subscribe to his podcast or blog.

  8. Mary Beth Hertz

    It isn’t hard to find teacher Mary Beth Hertz via social media. She maintains a blog called Philly Teacher, and can be easily contacted through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Of course, one wouldn’t expect anything less from a technology teacher and integration specialist.

  9. Paula White

    Paula White is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher who specializes in working with gifted students. She maintains a Twitter feed with over 7,000 followers, a popular blog, and has professional profiles on Google + and LinkedIn.

  10. Andrea Warner

    Andrea Warner is a special ed teacher and expert on helping students with autism. Teachers or parents looking to learn more about helping autistic children should check out her Twitter feeds (immensely popular, with 66,476 followers), Facebook profile, or learn more about her on LinkedIn.

  11. Peter Vogel

    Peter Vogel is a physics teacher who isn’t shy about embracing social media to share information about science education. This award-winner has a popular Twitter feed, a Google + profile, and participates on LinkedIn and

  12. Darcy Moore

    This English teacher loves digital technologies, and it shows! He has a popular Twitter feed an amazing blog about teachers and social media, as well a host of other profiles and sites.

  13. Victoria McMurray

    Catch up with this special education math teacher on her super popular Twitter feed (nearly 15,000 followers! Not too shabby!) or, if you’re not a Twitter type, you can learn more about her on LinkedIn or Facebook.

  14. Maggie Cary

    Maggie Cary maintains a great teaching blog called Classroom Talk, but she’s also got a hand in a wealth of other social media applications. Your best bet for keeping up with her is through her Twitter and Facebook profiles, both of which are quite active.

  15. Kevin Jarrett

    Need to learn more about technology? The social networks of Keven Jarrett, a technology educator, may just be the place to do it. As you might expect, this tech-savvy teacher has loads of social network sites, ranging from the basics, like Twitter and Facebook, to other sites like and Flickr.

  16. Dean Shareski

    The landing page for Dean Shareski alone should let you know that he’s pretty into social media. This Canadian teacher lists nine different social sites where he’s active, including Slideshare, Twitter, Vimeo, and LinkedIn.

  17. Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

    No matter what language you teach, you’ll love connecting with this teacher though social media. She maintains a very popular blog called Langwitches, and is also active on all the standard social networks, from Twitter to Delicious.

  18. Angela Maiers

    You can learn more about Angela Maiers and her work as a teacher and use of social networking sites through her blog. As you might imagine, this social media advocate has plenty of her own magic going on, and uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites to reach out.

  19. Hilary Andrlik and Theresa McGee

    These two art teachers have worked together to create an amazing blog that is a great resource for all things creative. While their main focus is on the blog, readers who enjoy their posts shouldn’t miss out on their popular Twitter and Facebook profiles, either.

  20. Beth Still

    Teacher Beth Still is a big fan of online education, and actually hosts classes about social media and digital tools. That makes her Twitter feed, Tumblr, Skype and Picasa resources great places to get started learning more.

  21. Jason Renshaw

    Teachers and students can find English teacher Jason Renshaw in a variety of places on the web. He has a pretty popular Twitter feed, as well as a blog, and maintains a great ESL website called EnglishRaven.

  22. Rodd Lucier

    This teacher is a big fan of project-based learning and Creative Commons, so social media is pretty high on his list of interests as well. The best places to find Lucier are on his blog or through his Twitter feed.

  23. Jim Burke

    English teacher Jim Burke posts regularly to his blog, The English Teacher’s Companion, but he can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social media sites.

  24. Brian Crosby

    Brian Crosby knows that Learning Is Messy — it’s not only true, but the title of his personal blog as well. He posts about using technology in the classroom as well as a host of other topics, not only on this blog but on Twitter, and he can be found on LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook as well.

  25. Jose Vilson

    Those who want to keep up with Jose Vilson don’t have to try too hard. He’s got a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

  26. Danny Nicholson

    Visit Danny Nicholson’s blog, The Whiteboard Blog, to get loads of posts about using technology in the classroom. You can also follow this science teacher on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Delicious, Scribd and a ton of other social sites.

  27. Skip Zalneraitis

    From sharing great reads through Shelfari to posting to his own blog to create tweets, this communications, keyboarding, and technology integration teacher is easy to find on the web.

  28. Dan Roberts

    Also known as the Chickenman, this science teacher is serious and silly alike in his posts. Teachers and students can follow his blog on Edublogs, catch up on Twitter, or find his media on Flickr and Vodpod.


Check out these professors who use a wide range of social media to get the word out about their research and teaching.

  1. Doug Covey

    Executive and professor Doug Covey is an expert on education, and his social media sites are a great place to stay on top of ed-tech and the latest relevant issues. Readers can find him on his blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

  2. Bill Graziadei

    Biology professor emeritus and elearning consultant Bill Graziadei makes the most of social media to share information with those in education and the sciences. He can be found on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, his own blog, or through his own wiki.

  3. Chris Penny

    Learn more about educational technology from professor, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Google Certified Teacher Chris Penny. He’s active on Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, and Flickr, and also maintains his own website where you can find more information about him.

  4. Jon Becker

    VCU professor Jonathan Becker specializes in teaching about educational leadership. He has a popular Twitter feed with 5,888 followers and counting, and regularly posts to his blog called Educational Insanity. He can also be found on virtually every popular social media site out there, from YouTube to Skype.

  5. Christopher Penn

    Professor Christopher Penn is a busy guy, not only teaching marketing at USF, but also working in the business world, writing books, and speaking. He’s also pretty active when it comes to social media, maintaining an incredibly popular Twitter feed (44,757 fans to date), writing his own blog, and networking through LinkedIn and Facebook.

  6. Sue Waters

    Need a little support and guidance for using Web 2.0 tech in your classroom? Use social media to reach out to this former professor and current technology specialist. She not only works at EduBlogs but also has her own blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Education Professionals

These social media stars work as librarians, educational technologists, and in other educational fields.

  1. Steve Hargadon

    Educational technologist Steve Hargadon posts regularly to his blog and Twitter feed (which has an impressive 11,200 followers), and also makes great use of Google + for connecting with other teachers.

  2. David Warlick

    David Warlick shares his observations and experiences as a teacher, tech-guru, and author on his very popular blog, but he also branches out into other forms of social media. He is well-known in the ed-tech community for developing a classroom blogging site called Class Blogmeister, and keeps in touch with the social media sphere through Twitter, Flickr, and Delicious.

  3. Kathy Shrock

    Google Kathy Shrock’s name and you’ll find out that she’s all over the web. She not only maintains a popular blog on educational technology, but has multiple Twitter feeds, participates in online education conferences, shares videos on Vimeo, uses Facebook and LinkedIn and is generally all over the social media world.

  4. Sir Ken Robinson

    One of the leading innovators and speakers on education (including two TED talks), Robinson is a man known around the world. While he may be traveling from place to place, it isn’t hard to keep up with him with the help of social media. Simply follow his blog, find him on Twitter (which has nearly 76,000 followers), or check out his Facebook page.

  5. Howard Rheingold

    Howard Rheingold has been a key innovator in the world of educational technology for decades, so it’s no surprise that he has a pretty solid presence in social media. He blogs on his own site and others, has created a site called the Social Media Classroom (which all teachers can use, check it out!), and is easy to find on Twitter, Delicious, YouTube, and Facebook.

  6. Beth Kanter

    Trainers are teachers too, right? Beth Kanter is a world-renowned expert on all things social media and teaches courses and speaks at conferences on ways that individuals and non-profits can better leverage the social media sphere. As you’d imagine, there isn’t really any social media site she isn’t on, making her easy to keep up with and learn from.

  7. Dan Callahan

    K-5 technology specialist Dan Callahan is a great person to look for on social media if you’re trying to learn more about how to bring technology into the classroom. Teachers and students can find him on Twitter, Diigo, Facebook, Flickr, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube, and his own blog.

  8. Julia Niles Peterson

    Visit Julia Niles Peterson’s blog to find a wealth of resources on teaching kids how to read and getting them interested in books. If blogs aren’t enough for you, however, you can also find her on just about every form of social networking known to man.

  9. Shannon Miller

    Iowa-based teacher, librarian and tech specialist Shannon Miller shares her love of learning and technology with readers through her Twitter feed, blog, Facebook, and a wide range of online education-focused social networks.

  10. Joyce Valenza

    Teacher librarian and lifelong learner Joyce Valenza is more than happy to share her thoughts on ed-tech and reading through her social media outlets. The best place to keep up with her is on Twitter, where she has almost 9,800 followers, but she also has a blog and posts to Ning groups.

  11. Lisa Marie Dabbs

    Educational coach, consultant, and teacher Lisa Michelle Dabbs keeps up pretty well with social media. She’s got her own blog, which has been nominated for numerous awards, and keeps active on Twitter and Facebook to boot.

  12. Deven Black

    Media specialist and middle school teacher-librarian Deven Black shares information through his Twitter feed, blog, Google +, and more.

  13. Lee Kolbert

    This geeky mom and education technology manager is passionate about bringing the latest and greatest tech into the classroom. You can read more about what inspires her through her personal blog or popular Twitter feed.

  14. Colette Cassinelli

    Colette Cassinelli is a high school librarian and new media teacher who is more than happy to share what works for her though social media. She has her own blog, but also reaches out through Twitter, Facebook, Google + and more.

  15. Liz Bleich Davis

    This blogger and tweeter is the Director of Academic Tech at a school outside of Boston, and she’s passionate about technology in education.

  16. Jenny Luca

    This teacher-librarian from Australia shares ideas for libraries and classrooms alike on her Twitter and very popular blog.