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48 Best Leadership Blogs for the Brand New Grad

Posted on Monday October 10, 2011 by Staff Writers

Plenty of new grads start their careers out in entry-level positions, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But any ambitious new college graduate should also have their eyes set on the next level of leadership, whether it’s management or becoming the CEO. You can learn a lot about leadership from bloggers, who freely share their tips, knowledge, and observations in leadership. Check out these blogs that offer great insight for graduates with their minds set on future leadership.


Check out these blogs that discuss leadership in a way that works for anyone.

  1. Leading Blog: This blog from Leadership Now works to build a community of leaders, sharing insight and more.
  2. Leadership is a Verb: In this community, you’ll find ideas on leadership, careers, and more, useful whether you’re a leader or a follower.
  3. Lindsey Pollak: On Lindsey’s blog, you’ll learn about taking your college skills to the boardroom.
  4. Leading Edge: The Leading Edge from The Chronicle of Philanthropy shares insight about leadership in Generation Y and beyond.
  5. The Glass Hammer: The Glass Hammer is written especially for women developing as leaders.
  6. Chief Happiness Officer: Alexander Kjerulf will inspire you to be happy at work and help others be happy, too.
  7. Survival Leadership: Can you survive as a leader? Find out how from the Survival Leadership blog.
  8. LeaderLab: LeaderLab offers insight into the advancement of leadership theory, taking it beyond academic circles and into real life.
  9. Weekly Leader: Follow the Weekly Leader blog for leadership news, practices, and views.
  10. HBR Blog: The Harvard Business Review has up to date news, and thoughtful insights on current events in business, leadership, and more.
  11. 800 CEO Read: Find business books, great ideas, and insight for fledgling CEOs and leaders.
  12. Next Level Blog: Scott Eblin’s blog offers great news updates for executive leaders, and leaders in the making.
  13. Management-Issues: Read about management advice, news, and opinion from this blog, sharing insight for managers in an ever-changing workplace.

Young Leadership

These blogs focus on young leadership and young leaders doing good.

  1. Newly Corporate: Follow this blog to adjust to the corporate lifestyle and fit in as a new leader.
  2. Seeds of Peace Young Leadership Committee: Read this blog to see how young leaders are making a difference with the Seeds of Peace organization.
  3. It’s Getting Hot in Here: Check out this blog, and you’ll get a glimpse into leaders and activists in the Youth Climate Movement.
  4. Resource Generation: On the Resource Generation blog, you’ll learn about some of the resources available to budding young leaders.
  5. ICON: This organization for women and young people in leadership is based in Uganda, sharing insight and resources that are helpful worldwide.
  6. New Voices of Philanthropy: Trista Harris considers the future of philanthropy beyond baby boomers, and offers great information for future leaders who want to do good.
  7. The Youth Leadership Blog: Find out how to be a better young leader, and how to better lead young people as well on this blog.
  8. Young Government Leaders: Check out this blog to learn more about developing young leaders within the federal government.

Leadership Learning

New graduates are likely to be working on developing their leadership, and these blogs are great for finding leadership learning lessons and opportunities.

  1. The Leadership Challenge: These bloggers believe that everyone should have the chance to step up and make a difference, and they can help you do that through their blog, The Leadership Challenge.
  2. The Leadership Gift: Christopher Avery believes that everyone has the potential to be a great leader, if only they would use their leadership gift. In this blog, he shares great ways you can develop leadership ability within yourself.
  3. Leadership Learning Community: Find ideas, connections, and action for building leadership on the Leadership Learning Community blog.
  4. N2Growth Blog: This leadership blog is a place where "CEOs come to grow," offering insights, commentary, and advice on leadership development.
  5. Great Leadership: Dan McCarthy shares opinions and resources for leadership and leadership development on this blog.
  6. Lead Change Group: The Lead Change Group follows the leadership revolution, and works to help leaders grow new leaders.
  7. Steve Farber: This leadership speaker’s blog offers great ideas and resources for leadership development.
  8. Young Leaders Blog: The Young Leaders blog offers a conversation for young people starting their career in leadership.
  9. Personal Branding Blog: Dan Schawbel’s blog will help you develop your own personal brand of leadership success.
  10. LeaderTalk: Mountain State University’s LeaderTalk shares academic insight into leadership and professional development.


For those on the management track, these blogs offer especially useful insight.

  1. Agile Management: In this simple blog, you’ll learn the art of agile management.
  2. Bud to Boss: What happens when you’re suddenly managing coworkers or classmates that used to be on the same level as you were? You have to come to terms with your new authority, and Bud to Boss can help with that.
  3. Management Craft: On Management Craft, you’ll read about the art of business management, and the craft of management.
  4. Management Excellence: Find out what Art Petty has to say about leadership, management, and professional development on this blog.
  5. Three Star Leadership Blog: Wally Bock writes for management and supervisors at every level, sharing insight, information, pointers, and resources for doing a great job as a leader.
  6. The People Equation: Jennifer Miller’s blog has valuable insight into workplace dynamics for managers and more.
  7. The Community Manager: The Community Manager offers guidance for leaders in social media and beyond.
  8. Never Mind the Manager: Find out how you can promote good employees to great with this management blog.
  9. Ask a Manager: Read Allison’s blog to find out what managers are really thinking, and ask any burning questions you have about management.

Tips & Insights

Follow these blogs, and you’ll get regular tips for leadership and your development as a leader.

  1. Incentive Intelligence: Read this blog to find out why incentives make sense for leaders.
  2. Leadership & Learning: Kevin Eikenberry’s blog offers insights on leadership, tips for being a more effective leader, and learning as a leader.
  3. Cranky Middle Manager: Life as a middle manager isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but this blog offers tips for being a better manager and enjoying your work.
  4. Leader Business: Read Leader Business to find leadership strategies, as well as discussions on the business of leaders.
  5. Stop Workplace Drama: Put an end to fights and wasted productivity with this blog for stopping workplace drama.
  6. Jabez LeBret: This blogger writes about creating Gen Y leaders, as well as showing managers how to guide Gen Y employees to success.
  7. Lead by Example: John Baldoni’s blog shares insights and directions for leaders, and helps readers encourage others to follow their lead.
  8. Positive Organizational Behavior: Dr. Bret Simmons writes this blog to promote healthy, responsible organizations and great leaders to support them.