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50 Best Blogs for Creative Writing Students

Posted on Monday September 27, 2010 by Staff Writers

Creative writing students can learn a lot from others in the industry, whether they’re fellow students, educators, or successful writers. You can find advice, inspiration, and more, just by checking out creative writing blogs online, and we’ve found 50 of the best to share here.


Find information and interesting tidbits for writers on these blogs.

  1. Inkygirl: Inkygirl has daily diversions for writers.
  2. The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog: Get your literary life with the help of this blog.
  3. Literary Rejections on Display: See literary rejections on this blog.
  4. Three Guys One Book: These bloggers discuss books together.
  5. Like Fire: Like Fire is devoted to everything wonderful in literature.


You’ll find excellent advice for writing and more in these blogs.

  1. Writing Forward: Writing Forward has advice for writing, creative writing, grammar, and more.
  2. Hunting the Muse: Brady’s creative writing blog is full of writing advice.
  3. Daily Writing Tips: Check out this blog to find tips for writing each day.
  4. Wordswimmer: Wordswimmer will give you a new understanding of the writing process.
  5. After the MFA: After the MFA has writing tips, interviews, and more on life after the creative writing MFA.
  6. The Healthy Writer Blog: You’ll find advice for staying healthy while writing with the help of this blog.
  7. Write to Done: Check out Write to Done to find unmissable articles on writing.
  8. WOW!: WOW! has tips, inspiration, and more for women in writing.
  9. The Urban Muse: The Urban Muse shares advice on reading, writing, and working in the creative life.
  10. Writer Unboxed: Writer Unboxed is all about the craft and business of genre fiction.
  11. Write Anything: Write more and talk less with the help of this blog.
  12. Write Better: Write Better has a discussion on improvements in communication and the English language.


Check out these blogs to find the secrets to creative writing success.

  1. Evil Editor: The Evil Editor explains why you don’t get published.
  2. Backhand Stories: Backhand Stories shares all sorts of creative writing.
  3. Writing and Publishing Fiction: Writing and Publishing Fiction has diversions for both casual and active writers.
  4. A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: This thriller writer discusses publishing and making a living as a genre writer.
  5. The Rejectionist: Get insight into rejection with this blog.
  6. Buzz, Balls & Hype: Work on your author buzz with the help of this blog.
  7. The Rejecter: This blogger discusses the rejection of query letters.
  8. The Book Publicity Blog: Find out about publicity from this blog.
  9. Writer Beware Blogs!: This group discusses the dark corners of the publishing world.


Educators, students, and more share their creative writing insight on these blogs.

  1. UNM Creative Writing Blog: The creative writing students at UNM share insight on this blog.
  2. BU Creative Writing: BU Creative writing is for students, alumni, and the community.
  3. EMU Creative Writing Blog: Check out this blog for news and notes from the Creative Writing Program at Eastern Michigan University.
  4. MFA Blog: The MFA Blog shares a discussion of writing and writing programs.
  5. IUSB Creative Writing: This blog shares information and inspiration from Indiana University South Bend.
  6. Emerging Writers Network: This blog offers a community for emerging writers.


Visit these blogs to find useful resources for creative writers.

  1. Writers Write: Writers Write has resources for books, writing, and publishing.
  2. Sunday Scribblings: Sunday Scribblings will give you a weekly writing challenge.
  3. Six Sentences: Check out this blog to find out what you can say in six sentences.
  4. ErikaDreifus: Erika has advice, opportunities, resources, and more on the business of writing.
  5. GrammarBlog: Poke fun at poor grammar on the GrammarBlog.
  6. Write a Better Novel: Find practical wisdom for writing on this blog.
  7. Terry Heath: Terry Heath has resources, advice, creative writing, and more.
  8. Writerly Life: Writerly Life will help you with inspirational exercises, advice, reviews, and more.


Follow along with these creative writers on their journeys.

  1. Confessions of a Would-be Writer Read this woman’s journey to publication.
  2. Addled Writer: This blog has the addled thoughts of a writer.
  3. Kim’s Craft Blog: Kim’s Craft Blog discusses fiction, memoir, and creative writing.
  4. Short Story Craft: On SD Byrd’s blog, you’ll learn about the craft of short stories.
  5. A Writer’s Diary: Cynthia Harrison discusses her writing, and shares advice for writing as well.
  6. Creative Writing Contests: Read this blog to find information about creative writing contests and more.
  7. Pocket Full of Words: Pocket Full of Words is the writing diary of novelist Holly Lisle.
  8. SAHW: This eclectic blog has thoughts from a stay at home writer.
  9. Paperback Writer: Learn about being a professional writer on this blog.
  10. Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer: Read this journal from an insane writer.