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94 Ivy-League Learning Tools Anyone Can Access

Posted on Sunday June 21, 2009 by Staff Writers

By Britney Wilkins

With the help of the Internet, the Ivy League doesn’t have to be walled off. Through online tools, libraries, and more, anyone can get access to learning tools created by Ivy League schools. Read on, and you’ll find 100 Ivy League learning tools that anyone can make use of.

Courses & Lectures

Here you’ll find resources for free courses and lectures from Ivy League universities.

  1. Open Yale Courses: Find courses and lectures in astronomy, economics, psychology and more. [Yale]
  2. Princeton WebMedia Lectures: See videos of lectures presented at Princeton here. [Princeton]
  3. University Lectures: Here you’ll find lectures from Columbia University. [Columbia]
  4. Department of Physics Lecture Demonstrations: You’ll find demos on astronomy, fluids, waves, optics, and more here. [Brown]
  5. 60 Second Lectures: Listen to quick School of Arts & Sciences lectures here. [Penn]
  6. Public Lectures Series: Check out Princeton’s public lectures that are free and open to the public. [Princeton]
  7. eCommons@Cornell: Cornell’s eCommons highlights university archives, multimedia, theses, and dissertations. [Cornell]


Develop your career with the help of these Ivy League tools.

  1. Career Resources: Find career profiles, resources, and more from the Schepens Eye Research Institute here. [Harvard]
  2. Columbia Resource Library: Columbia’s Resource Library offers an excellent collection of useful career resources. [Columbia]
  3. Career Resources Tip Sheets: Download these tip sheets for help with cover letters, business etiquette, interviewing, and much more. [Columbia]
  4. Career Tools: Columbia’s career tools include useful resources for resumes, networking, interviewing, and career assessments. [Columbia]


Use these tools to improve your research.

  1. Introduction to Google Scholar: Find out how to best use Google Scholar with the help of this guide from Brown. [Brown]
  2. Ask Dartmouth: Find facts and more about Dartmouth and beyond in this question and answer site for the college. [Dartmouth]
  3. Planetary Data Center: This public facility provides researchers, educators, and the public with image data obtained by the US Space Program. [Brown]
  4. Brown Library Resource Guides: Check out these guides to find resources in academic departments, special subjects, and more. [Brown]
  5. Tips and Strategies for Evaluating Web Sites: Use this resource, and you’ll be able to find out how to find the best sources of research online. [Brown]

Language & Literature

Explore language and more with the help of these Ivy League tools.

  1. Brown Language Resource Links: Here you’ll find language resource pages for each of the languages taught at Brown. [Brown]
  2. Harvard University Press: Browse books created through the Harvard University Press with this tool. [Harvard]
  3. University of Pennsylvania Language Resource Center: Find language resources through this center from the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts & Sciences. [Penn]
  4. Harvard Language Resource Center: Harvard’s Language Resource Center offers documentation, learning and more for languages. [Harvard]


Here you’ll find loads of great collections available through Ivy League universities.

  1. Iberian, Latin American, and Latino Resources: Find electronic resources, sound recordings, sheet music and more relating to Iberians, Latin Americans, and Latinos in this collection. [Brown]
  2. Our Tools of Learning: See some of the gifts of manuscripts and books in the Plimpton collection at Columbia. [Columbia]
  3. Internet-First University Press: In this collection, you’ll be able to find freely available manuscripts and videos in the Cornell University Library’s Digital Repository. [Cornell]
  4. Picture Database at Language Resource and Research Center: Find images related to the language and cultures of Africa, China and Mexico, as well as vegetables in this database. [Penn]
  5. DigitalCommons@ILR: Find research and scholarship as well as featured collections here. [Cornell]
  6. Princeton University Art Museum Home Page: Explore the collections and exhibitions of Princeton online through the University Art Museum. [Princeton]
  7. Biomed Library Grand Rounds: Learn about a variety of topics in biomedicine from this library collection. [Dartmouth]
  8. arXiv: You’ll get open access to 542,353 e-prints in math and science here. [Cornell]
  9. Columbia University Medical Center ALS Patient Education: In this resource bibliography, you’ll find lots of great resources for learning about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. [Columbia]
  10. All About Birds: In this lab of Ornithology, you’ll find a bird guide, images, birding tips, and so much more. [Cornell]
  11. NELLCO Repository: Cornell Law School’s NELLCO Repository is full of papers for you to search and download. [Cornell]
  12. Helpful Study Abroad and Travel Resources: Here you’ll find useful resources for traveling and studying abroad. [Brown]
  13. Exploring New York City: Use Columbia’s guide to exploring New York City if you’re planning to take a trip to the Big Apple. [Columbia]


These Ivy League resources can teach you more about the environment.

  1. Brown is Green: This resource will show you how Brown University is working to become more sustainable, and how you can become greener as well. [Brown]
  2. Growing Greener: Follow this plan to learn about sustainable development as recommended by the University of Pennsylvania. [Penn]
  3. Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management: Use this resource guide to learn about crops, materials, and more. [Cornell]

Health & Safety

Learn about health and more from these Ivy League resources.

  1. Health Education: This resource offers useful information on drugs, sexual health, nutrition, sexual harassment, assault, and more. [Brown]
  2. TeenScreen: This resource center offers accessible and up to date information on mental health and suicide statistics throughout the US. [Columbia]
  3. Sexual Violence Resources: Find resources for dealing with sexual assault in this collection from Harvard. [Harvard]
  4. Cornell Women’s Health: Check out this center to find resources for women’s health. [Cornell]
  5. Institute for Computational Biomedicine Resource Center: In this resource center, you’ll get access to computational research tools, microarray resources, biocatalogs, and much more. [Cornell]

Resource Centers

Use these resource centers for educational tools and more.

  1. Food Entrepreneur Resource Center: In this resource, you’ll learn about the starting a food business from basics to marketing and product development. [Cornell]
  2. FORE: Yale’s Forum on Religion and Ecology offered educational tools and class resources. [Yale]
  3. Access Dartmouth: Find information about creating accessible websites and more from Access Dartmouth. [Dartmouth]
  4. EnhancED: Columbia’s EnhancED offers new media tools and resources for enhancing education. [Columbia]
  5. Department of Chemistry Resource Links: You can find useful resources for chemistries, particularly women in chemistry, from this resource center. [Princeton]
  6. Resources for Biomedical Terminology and Ontology: Find projects, sources, software, and more for biomedical terminology and ontology in this resource center. [Penn]
  7. Peace Education Center: Columbia’s Peace Education Center offers reports, a learning portal, and more for peace. [Columbia]
  8. Human Rights Research on the Web: Harvard offers high quality links to human rights research all around the Internet. [Harvard]
  9. OncoLink: Find cancer resources from the University of Pennsylvania with OncoLink. [Penn]
  10. Agroforestry Resource Center: Through this center, you’ll get access to education, research, and organizational collaboration in agroforestry. [Cornell]
  11. Silicon Sam’s Technology Resource: Find excellent resources for computer, electronics, and technology troubleshooting here. [Penn]
  12. Web Teaching: Learn about using the web in teaching with Dartmouth’s articles, case studies, and more. [Dartmouth]
  13. Self-Help Resources: Find self help in academics, mental health and more. [Harvard]
  14. Africa Web Links: The African Studies Center at University of Pennsylvania offers an excellent collection of Africa web links. [Penn]
  15. South Asia Center: Find educational, library, community, and more resources for South Asia here. [Penn]
  16. Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center Shared Resources: Harvard’s NeuroDiscovery Center shares a variety of programs and resources with the degenerative disease research community. [Harvard]
  17. Columbia University Libraries Database: Search for articles, books, data and more in this database. [Columbia]
  18. Identity Theft Resources: Dartmouth offers a collection of resources for identity theft here. [Dartmouth]


Find videos, lectures, and much more in these Ivy League multimedia centers.

  1. CornellCast: With CornellCast, you’ll get access to video and audio of lectures, discussions, performances and more from the Cornell community and guests. [Cornell]
  2. African Studies Center: You’ll find African city maps, sculptures, art, and much more in this multimedia collection. [Penn]
  3. Harvard@Home: Get the best of Harvard through these featured programs. [Harvard]
  4. Birth of a Supernova: See animations, presentations and more relating to the birth of a supernova here. [Princeton]
  5. News at Princeton: Find news stories, student work, and much more in this collection. [Princeton]
  6. Career Multimedia: Here you’ll find videos and more that will help you with your career education. [Columbia]
  7. Harvard University Multimedia Stories: Find videos, slides, and more from Harvard here. [Harvard]
  8. Dartmouth Sights & Sounds: Check out audio, video, images, webcams, and lots more in Dartmouth’s Sights & Sounds. [Dartmouth]
  9. Princeton Program in Law and Public Affairs Multimedia Archive: View news and events through this archive of multimedia. [Princeton]
  10. Penn Graduate School of Education: Tune into podcasts, small screen productions, and more in this education collection. [Penn]
  11. Videos and Multimedia eCommons@Cornell: Check out the Internet-First University press and more here. [Cornell]
  12. BioVisions: Check out this multimedia project to get a look into multimedia in biology education. [Harvard]
  13. Central Park: Core of the Big Apple: In this multimedia collection, you can explore the people, art, nature, and more of Central Park. [Columbia]
  14. MARS Multimedia: Learn about the Multiple Autonomous Robots project here. [Penn]
  15. Harvard School of Public Health: Harvard’s public health school offers a collection of forums, symposia, and lecture videos. [Harvard]
  16. Kelly Writers House: Listen to recordings, KWH-TV, and more here. [Penn]
  17. Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Multimedia: Check out this multimedia resource to find podcasts, videos, and interactive maps. [Yale]
  18. School of Industrial and Labor Relations Multimedia: Find multimedia from the Global Unions Conference in this collection. [Cornell]
  19. Harvard Institute of Politics Multimedia Library: Here you’ll get access to a searchable multimedia center with John F. Kennedy Jr. forum events, Q&A sessions, and much more. [Harvard]
  20. The South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission Videotape Collection: Watch videos from South Africa through this collection. [Yale]
  21. School of Arts & Sciences Multimedia: See a DNA collector, virtual mummy, and much more here. [Penn]
  22. Office of University Communications: Find videos highlighting Penn people, news, and events in this collection. [Penn]
  23. Princeton Faculty Blogs: You can read the blogs of Princeton faculty through this listing. [Princeton]
  24. Massachusetts General Hospital Multimedia: You can learn more about the Massachusetts General Hospital from this collection of multimedia. [Harvard]
  25. Pearl S. Buck Multimedia: Browse through this multimedia to find a photographic tour of Pearl S. Buck’s life, video documentaries, and more. [Penn]
  26. Columbia University World Leaders Forum: see photo galleries and video from the World Leaders Forum. [Columbia]
  27. Penn Perspectives: Get updated on people doing exciting and innovative work at the University of Pennsylvania in this multimedia collection. [Penn]
  28. Havard School of Public Health: Harvard’s School of Public Health offers videos and more about health issues that impact the general public. [Harvard]
  29. ExoSquad: Find clips, video trading cards, and other multimedia files from ExoSquad in this collection. [Penn]
  30. Harvard Law School Multimedia: See video and more from Harvard Law School in this multimedia collection. [Harvard]
  31. VoxBox: Stay on top of alumni and events at Dartmouth through this multimedia. [Dartmouth]
  32. Yale IPAG Multimedia Demos: See an interactive heart, movies, and other multimedia demos from Yale IPAG. [Yale]
  33. Multimedia Recent Submissions: Find the latest Cornell multimedia here. [Cornell]
  34. Harvard Kennedy School Multimedia: See videos and other multimedia from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. [Harvard]
  35. Chandra: Check out Chandra to see images, illustrations, and more from the X-ray observatory Chandra. [Harvard]