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Monthly Archives: October 2012

3 Creative Activities to Impress Employers

Posted on Wednesday October 31, 2012

Last Friday I wrote about the benefits of college students’ participating in professional conferences as a “Surefire Way to Make the Degree-Career Connection,” (19 October, 2012). If you’re looking for more ideas to improve your chances of finding gainful employment after graduation, there are some additional creative ways to build and demonstrate the very skills […]

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How to Take Charge of Your Own ‘Career Readiness’

Posted on Monday October 29, 2012

One of the common catch phrases in debates about education is ‘career readiness.’ What this means exactly has become nearly an equally large discussion. As Catherine Gewertz recently reported in Education Week, the answers run the gamut “from acquiring skills specific to a given sector or entry-level job to mastering broader workplace skills,” and there […]

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A Surefire Way to Make the Degree-Career Connection

Posted on Friday October 26, 2012

With questions about college debt and gainful employment weighing heavily on the minds of most college students, one surefire way to help connect a college degree with employment is often missed: attending professional conferences. Here are six tips to speed you on your way to connecting your degree to a career. Find Conferences If you […]

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Is the 5-Paragraph Essay Really Dead?

Posted on Monday October 22, 2012

Remember the cinematic angst of little Ralphie’s returned theme in A Christmas Story? The poor kid believed his writing could change his world. If he wrote eloquently enough about why he wanted a Red Rider BB gun, he would get one for Christmas and be able to defend the neighborhood from criminals. A noble purpose, […]

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How to Support and Promote Adjuncts

Posted on Friday October 19, 2012

Have you ever sat on the edge of your seat watching a horror movie and wanting to scream at the main character: “Don’t go in there!” Maybe you even tried to shield your eyes from viewing what’s behind that door, in the closet, or under the bed because you don’t want to see the terrifying […]

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