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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Students Fight for Higher Ed

Posted on Tuesday January 31, 2012

The national Occupy Wall Street movement continues to garner headlines along with the major platform of their protest, student loan debt. What is also noteworthy is that students themselves are mobilizing to fight for higher education in an increasing number of ways. What does a brief survey of some of these movements show about how […]

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Educators Pay It Forward

Posted on Tuesday January 31, 2012

• Associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Georgia, Mark Ebell, will be joining the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, a group that will make recommendations to Americans on how to prevent diseases. According to Marianna Heredia of Red and Black, the group will not profit by any of the preventative tests or products […]

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Surrendering the American Education Dream?

Posted on Monday January 30, 2012

As I summarized in my January 11, 2012, post, “We the People Demand Higher Education,” the general population in the United States has historically insisted that everyone have equal access to learning. Although achieving this goal has been and will continue to be a long process, the goal of parity in access to education could […]

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Creative Thinkers on Education

Posted on Sunday January 29, 2012

One of the most emotion filled topics of the last few years has been higher education. While the media tends to pick up and foster mostly the negative views, largely of politicians posturing and making Chicken Little forecasts that the sky will or has fallen upon postsecondary institutions, the reality is that a variety of […]

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Why Wikipedia is the Best Place to Start Research on Anything

Posted on Friday January 27, 2012

I can hear your grumblings already. The word “social” has come to take over our lives and has attached itself to new concepts like social media, social networking, and social learning. But unless you predict the demise of Google, Twitter, and Facebook anytime soon, it is part of what we do and in fact, has […]

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In Praise of Senior Citizen Students

Posted on Thursday January 26, 2012

With average life expectancy reaching 78 years, our latter years are becoming even more golden; better health and new opportunities abound! One area that those over the age of 55 should consider looking into is reduced cost or free postsecondary education. Many colleges and universities welcome senior citizens and encourage their enrollment. If you’re wondering […]

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No Taxation Without Representation!

Posted on Wednesday January 25, 2012

The decreasing amounts in state budgets for higher education that have flooded the news lately are really part of a larger trend. A summation of studies shows that between 1978 and 2011, the percentage of state funds for higher education shrunk by 40% while tuition rose by nearly the same percentage in just the last […]

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